Fisher Studio Standard MT-6420 TT

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by jleon92f, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. jleon92f

    jleon92f Addicted Member

    Fisher Studio Standard MT-6420 TT Arrived!

    Hi Analog Fans,

    I picked up this Fisher TT , from the internet, Fisher MT-6420, Speeds were off as usual with this model type. Cleaned what needed to be cleaned and she plays great now again for another 20 years, the needle is in good shape too, nice DD Model. The seller listened to me about how to pack it for shipping.

    A couple pics to share.:D

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  2. kretinus

    kretinus squanto was a fool

    what year was that model made?
  3. hakaplan

    hakaplan Needs professional help

    Looks good, John. I'd guess that's early '80s.
  4. jleon92f

    jleon92f Addicted Member

    The owners manual was printed "Copyright 1980"

  5. jleon92f

    jleon92f Addicted Member

    I will clean her up nice , put a better cartridge on it and move it out , this goes towards the other one I want.
  6. jleon92f

    jleon92f Addicted Member

    another MT-6420

    Hi, I just picked this up, MT-6420. I see it is the same as the one I had.

    No dust cover.. :scratch2:

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  7. jleon92f

    jleon92f Addicted Member

    Up and working so far... :thmbsp:

    Need a stylus.. using a temporary one. :scratch2:

    Happy New Year! :banana::music::D

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  8. Balifly

    Balifly Listening Subscriber


    Any idea on the manufacture's ID? :scratch2:
  9. jleon92f

    jleon92f Addicted Member

    Shure 8X ?

    Happy New Year! :banana::music:
  10. jleon92f

    jleon92f Addicted Member

    043 by jleon92f, on Flickr

    Working Fine.. :thmbsp::music:
  11. johnda

    johnda AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Hi, in the picture, I get the feeling that the cartridge is mis-aligned. Shouldn't it be parallel to the center line of the headshell? Just checking.
  12. CygnusDen

    CygnusDen And so it begins... Subscriber

    Nice job cleaning up that turntable and getting it working again. It's good to see another one of these around here -- I don't think too many survived the 1980s. This is the model that got me back into vinyl a few years ago after 20 years of listening to nothing but CDs. I picked up an '80s-vintage Fisher rack system that included this TT with a Realistic/Shure RXT-4 cartridge installed and was off to the races in building a new collection of vinyl (now 1,000 albums strong). It has long been supplanted by a Technics SL-1700 MkII in my main system, but I still use it in a spare system once in a while and appreciate the role it played in reminding me of the greatness of vinyl.
  13. jleon92f

    jleon92f Addicted Member

    It has been corrected thank you. :thmbsp: It was loose in the headshell. :D
  14. jleon92f

    jleon92f Addicted Member

    Hi, thanks for your post, I like the Older TT's sometimes that slipped through the cracks. I had this Model a few years ago, had to sell it . I spotted this one and snatched it up. Works great after some minor servicing. I may change to a better cartridge to see how it compares. Vinyl is King around here!:music: I have 15 TT's here and some more to be fixed in storage.
    Enjoy your Music!:thmbsp:


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