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Discussion in 'Fisher' started by symfo, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. symfo

    symfo New Member

    Goodday everybody.
    Yesterday I have got me a very nice Fisher X-100-A.
    When I look on the internet and forums I read different things.
    What do you think about it. Played yesterday and today on my ESL 57's and the sound is very nice :thmbsp:
    But I think I need the right parts list and schematic's to change some caps.
    I do not know witch one????
    That is the best thing to do i think. But do not know where to begin....
    I almost got me a mountain on beautiful amps. Don't know which one to use :scratch2:
    Here's a picture of the Fisher

    And if you look here you can see some others.

    Now in the house...........:banana:
    The Fisher X-100-A integrated tube amp
    Lafayette LA 224B integrated tube amp (modified)
    Sugden p51 power amp (restored)
    Dynaco ST-35 power tube amp
    Dynaco PAS 3 pre amp tube (modified)
    Pioneer SM-600 tube receiver

    I am a happy man.
  2. BmWr75

    BmWr75 Addicted Member

    Nice find!!

    Just remove the cabinet and take inventory of all capacitors and replace them if they are original. Show us pictures of the caps and we can help you.
  3. ssmith3046

    ssmith3046 Super Member

    Nice one. I use a X-100-C in my bedroom system.
  4. Skylab

    Skylab Altimeter reading zero Subscriber

    I have a KX-100 and absolutely love it. Yours looks great - that's a keeper for sure.
  5. Tom Bavis

    Tom Bavis Audiophool Subscriber

    I have a scan of the service manual - email tbavis(at)rochester(dot)rr(dot)com
  6. ojojunkie

    ojojunkie Active Member

    Got same model several months backed which became my main music amp. Also have plan to recap it when I find free time & parts..

    here's a link I got my service manual..
  7. symfo

    symfo New Member

    Capacitor advice for Fisher X-100-A


    Here are the photo's.
    The capacitors are the Erofol 's i think.????
    Found me the parts description list and the the numbers are.
    0.047uF 630v
    0.047uF 400v
    0.033uF 400v
    0.022uF 400v
    All Mylar types and all 2 pieces needed.
    Question. What are the good ones for change?????
    I found Russian PIO's for not that much money. Or Auricap ????
    Please give me some advice.




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  8. symfo

    symfo New Member

    Capacitor advice for Fisher X-100-A

  9. squirrelnest

    squirrelnest Addicted Member

    I enjoyed your "SYMFO's photostream " pictures.....thanks!
  10. symfo

    symfo New Member

    Thank you. :banana:

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