Fisher XP 6b? decent speakers?

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by kneeOhFight, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. kneeOhFight

    kneeOhFight Addicted Member

    I have a crack at a pair of these for fifty bucks, but I know nothing about Fisher speakers..anybody out there that can help me with this? thanks!

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  2. beej

    beej G's and A's Bapa Subscriber

    Are they XP6b or XP60b? I have a pair of the XP60b's and, although the cabs are pretty nice, I wouldn't pay $50 for them. Sound decent but not $50 worth. I paid $9.99 for mine in a thrift.
  3. kneeOhFight

    kneeOhFight Addicted Member

    oops..I failed to attach pics...but thanks for your response!
    see pics in initial thread posting above...
  4. rmeade

    rmeade Super Member

    Yes I believe that the 6b is a decent speaker. I have a pair of 5b that I enjoy. Fisher manufactured speakers at least until the early 60s in the NY area with well regarded quality. The 5,6 and 9 date from this period. It is also true that these speakers were not manufactured with Rock in mind (as it did not yet exist). So it depends what you intend to hear through these speakers. If you lean towards Jazz and Classical then you will be well served by early Fisher speakers. I suspect that Fisher speakers might be well matched by electronics of the time (tube amp). I don't have such equipment - others might want to comment. By the way is this a 2-way speaker?
  5. atrac

    atrac Active Member

    I saw a pair of these today; they are three-way speakers.
  6. Saint Johnny

    Saint Johnny Bon Ton Roule Subscriber

    My XP7S's are from the same period and I loved them until the foam gave out 20 years later in the early 1990's.

    And Fisher XP series speakers were manufactured in Essex County, NJ. Until the early 1970's by United Speaker Company.
  7. kaliph11

    kaliph11 Super Member

    if they are anything like my XP-6s, check the tweet to see if it plays. These seem to die.

    Ed in So Dak says he prefers the "b", but that was when we were talking about both the 6 & 7, but I would think he meant either.

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