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Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Henrydozer, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Henrydozer

    Henrydozer Banned

    I recently aquired this amp and so far am very happy with it, the only issue that I have with it is during shipping the heat sinks were damaged on one side. Does anybody out there have a good way to straighten them without causing any further damage? Does not look too bad but dont want to screw it up. I consider myself fortunate that the amp survived as well as it did considering the packing materials used.

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  2. century tek

    century tek Super Member

    I would just grab the fins with a pair of plyers and bend them back into shape.
  3. Duke58

    Duke58 Well-Known Member

    Use a small pair of vice grips with a couple thin pieces of wood (to protect the finish) to bend the fins back into position. You can probably get a couple wooden paint stirring sticks while you pick up a pair of vice grips.
  4. stereocuuple

    stereocuuple Two Channel Only

    fucking jerk packers. that fella needs his ass kicked.

    great amp though.
  5. TimF

    TimF Well-Known Member

    I agree stereo, he should have his_______grabbed with a pair of pliers. Geez, I cannot believe how ignorant folks are that ship items, especially heavy electronics that are delicate to begin with. Think of how many really nice pieces of gear get ruined by these types.

    Yeah, very nice amp indeed. Hopefully nothing else has shaken loose in that fiasco! Enjoy. Tim
  6. stereocuuple

    stereocuuple Two Channel Only

    as for fixing the damage i would leave it alone. the sinks have been heated & cooled so many times they might break. please take my advise here hacking on this amp with pliers is stoopid at best.


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