found some speakers: pioneer cs-610

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by jbav, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. jbav

    jbav Tube Enthusiast

    I found a pair of speakers, Pioneer CS-610s. I haven't found any real information aside for them being from 1979. I don't think they can be all that great as they're only made from fiberboard, with walnut print vinyl on the sides. I could be wrong though, maybe they're great. Anyone know anything about them?
  2. kermit z

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    I have not heard that model, but from your description, I would guess not the best Pioneer effort. How do they sound? Also a picture may help jog some memories :yes:
  3. jbav

    jbav Tube Enthusiast

    I haven't listened to them yet. I'll do that tonight and post some pictures.
  4. NealinNevada

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    They also made them in 1971...get the serial number and we can find out which vintage they are.
  5. jbav

    jbav Tube Enthusiast



    15073 U appears to be the serial on one of them
  6. 33&athird

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    :scratch2:...I have a later example of that series- looks alot like those, but maybe a slightly lesser model (it has a graph!). Not too impressed with the sound- but you could do alot worse. Biggest problem I think is lack of acoustic foam. They sound alot like my epi's which I love, but a little tinnier, with more bass echo. they certainly look really cool though.

    Again, I think yours are a little better off, mine are from the early eighties, and it shows. Yours are in great shape as well- mine had some mold on the grilles :yuck:
  7. jbav

    jbav Tube Enthusiast

    i'm going to listen to them as soon as my beomaster gets here in... ugh, still 4 days. i may output from a modern amp first to give them a fair trial. if they sound alright they'll be my first re veneer project.

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