Golden Theater GTX-1 Processor ?

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by KR777, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. KR777

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    Greetings AK team,
    First post and looking for input. Right away let me say how much I enjoy the forums, so much great info and common interests.
    Anyone have experience with the Golden Theater GTX-1 Processor? Very little on the web about them, and a search here was not helpful. Found one very cheap ($75) locally if I act fast. It seems these units have many inputs and outputs, and were known for decent sound quality and cost several thousand when new.
    I would pick it up just to have on hand to use for something at some point. The price is right, as long at it works. Probably as a 2-channel preamp or as a DAC since it is said to have nice quality (though older) Burr-Brown units. Missing the remote but I read somewhere that some of the functionality could be gained through use of a Logictec Harmony, I have one in a drawer somewhere around here.
    It looks like a nice unit if it functions. What say you? Worth taking up room with? Or more trouble than it's worth?


  2. botrytis

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    First - asking with a price - belongs in Dollars and Sense.

    Not worth it - it only does pro-logic processing - it is from 1999 so it is really old (HT-wise). I would look at a used Outlaw 990 pre-pro or similar year.

    Now most pre-pro's need HDMI input/output if you are playing Blu-Ray.
  3. KR777

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    Dollars and Sense. Understood, thanks!
  4. Rob95

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    If using only for two channel you cant go wrong for 75 bucks. I brought this new in 98 for 1500.00 and still use it today for two channel audio. It blows my Denon 5803 away for sound quality. If it breaks you can repair it yourself as all of the chips were labled and common. All config can be done via the front panel. Too bad Golden Tube Audio went out of business their sound vs price point was pretty good.
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