Goodwill KLH model 4132 speakers - $4.99

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by SpeakerLabFan, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. SpeakerLabFan

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    I saw these 3-way speakers tonight at GW, and I figured I couldn't go wrong for $4.99 so I brought them home and hooked them up to the G-5000 with Paul McCartney's Venus and Mars, cranked it way up, and they sound pretty darn good :music: :music: - good enough for my work bench area for awhile. I haven't done any research - anyone looked at these Model 4132's?

    The condition of the cabinets is another story - scratched to hell and with snowboarding stickers pasted everywhere. But the drivers are good, and the grill covers / cloth are good (although one is bent). It looks like these speakers have had a hard life with at least one or more teenager owners.

    Here's some pictures:



  2. doctorbongo

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    And to think, (not that I make a habit of it after a long week, made longer by piling a bunch of work up BEFORE my weeklong vacation by the poolside), you coulda spent that 5 bux on a coupla Big Macs ...
  3. SpeakerLabFan

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    Yeah, true but I probably couldn't turn around and flip a pair of Big Macs for $25 which is probably what I'll try with these bad boys this weekend. :D
  4. Robisme

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    Probably MTX. But for 5 bucks, why not.

  5. Toasted Almond

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    Not exactly vintage KLH, but for $5, I'd use them in the garage to stack equipment on top of rather than on the floor.

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