Goodwill score Pioneer VSP-333 & S-X7 Speakers

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    Need Help hooking up Goodwill score Pioneer VSP-333 & S-X7 surround

    New here, I have had many questions answered here so I joined up.

    So my current set up is a JVC K350B Integrated amp with a matching JVC tuner (early 80s), a Technics turntable, Yamaha 5-disk CD player, Yamaha YST-A705 speakers. My computer sound card is wired into the Tape 1 circuit in and out lines (I record LPs to .wav files as a side line), and I have an LCD TV wired into the AUX lines with a DVD/VCR compo wired to the TV.

    I found a Pioneer VSP-333 Surround sound controller with a pair of S-X7 speakers at the local Goodwill. I cannot seem to find a manual for it anywhere but I figured I could wire it into the tape 2 monitor circuit, like a GQ, on the amp to the Pre-amp/power amp in/out on the Pioneer unit. Well, it worked but darn near blew my ears out with full volume, even though the volume on the main amp and the Pioneer unit were at zero. So, I obviously did something wrong.

    If anybody here has some knowledge of how this Pioneer VSP-333 should be wired into a JVC K350B amp, I would appreciate the feedback!
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