Grado SR60 or Sennheiser HD280 Pro?

Discussion in 'Headphones' started by buserp, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. buserp

    buserp New Member

    I recently purchased a pair of Grado SR60's. They sound great, and they were reasonably priced, but I feel a bit awkward listening to music in a public space (like a school), not because of the look (I don't really care wearing cans in a public area) but because of the sound bleeding through and everyone being exposed to a tinny version of what I'm listening to.

    I'm considering the HD280s as an alternative, but what can I expect quality-wise? Will the sound quality be as good as the Grados?

    Thanks in advance.

    (Oh also, how does everyone pronounce "grado?" I always say the "a" like the "o" in "dodge," but that doesn't sound right.)


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  2. oldgringo

    oldgringo Is this but a dream? Subscriber

    When I auditioned those exact same phones, I went for sound accuracy/ sensitivity/ soul-touching sound; as opposed to lush/ fur-lined/ forward-based 'luxurious' sound - as I perceived the comparison. Guess which I bought? :music: lol.

    It's been said that the 280's are (were?) very popular on flights, because of what you would want out of them :yes:.

    "Confucius", he say: "They'd sooner hear that, than be deaf"! :banana:

    I convinced myself that the SR 60's did not create all that much interference - one way to see if you agree with that might be to get a friend to don them, crank them a bit and let you judge.
  3. TheCrunge

    TheCrunge AK Subscriber Subscriber

    North Jersey
    These are two totally different types of headphones. Its really hard to the wear the SR60's out in public. I too have a pair of them and really love them. A pair of closed headphones like the 280's would work, but have you considered a pair of IEM's for wearing in public. They block out most noise, don't transfer noise outside of your ears, and can certainly be had for less money than the 280's. I would certainly go this route if I were you (and I already have myself). Grados are for home listening, IEM's are for outside listening.
  4. Avocado Dream

    Avocado Dream Well-Known Member

    I've compared HD-280 and SR-80's and I like both a lot but they are very different, the 280's a little sterile, almost boring compared to the Grados but the sound isolation is the best around.

    Try to check out the Equation Audio Eartools RP-21, more fun, going for $99 on the auction place.

    Play-Doh / Gray-Doh

    - Dave
  5. redcoates7

    redcoates7 still learning... Subscriber

    Austin, TX USA
    I have some Grado SR-60s that I use at home...beautiful (and I pronouce it "gray-dough")

    In public though, I have a set of Sony in-ear phones that sound great (about $60 at Circuit a while back) and don't "bleed" outside my head!
  6. DougMac

    DougMac Super Member

    Juliette, GA
    You might want to consider AKG K26P's. I got them because my Grado SR80's bleed too much to use at work.

    The AKG's sound fine, not quite as open as the Grados, but very listenable. They fold up and come with a small pouch and are <$40. They are sealed and even cranked there's little or no bleed.



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  7. pdennis

    pdennis Member

    Do what I did -- wear the Grados and let people suffer.
  8. buserp

    buserp New Member

    Alright, looked into this some more, might consider selling the Grados to get AGK K81's. Will the 26P's older brother be good enough to replace the wonderful but annoying Grados?
  9. soundboy

    soundboy Super Member

    Walnut Creek, California
    Sony MDR-V6....enuff said.
  10. Super866

    Super866 Back In Black

    Southernmost State in the US
    I have both the Grado SR125 and the HD280's and they certainly are two different phones with their own strengths. The Grado has a more open, lively, natural sound. The Sennheisers however have excellent isolation, still sound good and I can hear things with them I havent heard before because they are just so quiet. The Sennheisers are big headphones and do look pretty goofy, Although im sure my big head doesnt help. But I still use them on the airplane and sitting in an airport or something. The Sennheisers are definetly the way to go for listening anywhere besides your own house where you can control the noise around you. That is, if you dont care about their size.
  11. OneMalt

    OneMalt Will work for music

    Buffalo, NY
    For public use, I wear canal phones, a pair of Ety ER-4p. They have it all - small size, isolation and great sound. Of my many pairs of Grados, the 60s were the first ones I bought and to this day I still consider them one of the best deals in the headphone world from a return-on-your-dollar standpoint. IMO, they are simply the best sounding headphone available in their price range, bar none.:music:

    (P.S. - rhymes with Play-dough.)


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  12. shacky

    shacky Addicted Member

    Rochester, NY
    I don't have Grado's but do have 280's. I got them for the sound isolation and excellent reviews. And if I'm in bed witht he misses I can listen and not keep her up :yes:

    I was really impressed with the 280's after I bought a C&C Box+ HP Amp for use with my iPod. I use Apple Lossless, use a line out addaptor (makes huge difference in sound bypassing iPod op amps), with the HP Amp and it's the best I've ever had. Though I haven't had many HP's. :no:

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