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Half Your Age

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by musichal, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Hawkeye83

    Hawkeye83 Super Member

    East-Central Iowa
    Oh boy - 17.5...still in high school. Luckily just getting out of the "one hit wonder"/pop radio phase, and listening to actual albums...mostly grunge, classic rock, and southern rock...Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, Zeppelin, Floyd, Skynyrd, etc. So the music was getting better.

    Gear-wise, not so much. I would be listening on either:

    - Sony Disc-man
    - Yorx (or similar) boombox
    - 1970's something receiver with wood-grain/no-name speakers. At least this was a "system" but it was definitely nothing of quality. My parents still have it out in the garage.

    Within a year or so, I would inherit a Bose Wave Radio, which somewhat started the desire for a high quality system. For awhile it was that, then computer speakers, then white van speakers, then Best Buy speakers, then Emotiva/Rega, and the rest is history!
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  2. Trekkie4

    Trekkie4 Active Member

    Hmm, interesting question...

    I'm 31 now, meaning half of my age would have been 15, 15,5 yrs ago which was back in 2001.I was just getting out of analogue music & into digital era, with occasional mp3, CD, even tape every once in a while.

    I also had my turntable serviced at the time, tried to resolve serious issues with humming & buzzing but despite all the time & money invested into it, things never quite worked out, leaving me with non-functional Kenwood KD-1600 collecting dust for years (before I eventually decided to get rid of it).

    To put it simply, it was the time between "real" & all genuine HiFi era (Kenwood HiFi component system from 70s & 80s) & modern-day counterpart, which I use today. Therefore a mixture between digital & modern analogue technology (Audio Technica LP120)
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  3. House de Kris

    House de Kris Loud-n-Deep

    Being 58 now, that makes me think back to when I was 29 (in '89). At that time, I was living overseas, so the hi-fi wasn't super-duper. I had a Teac A-3 Sound Core (which is a CDeiver), a Teac V-570 cassette deck, and speakers I cannot recall completely at the moment. They may have been some old enclosures I built for car audio, but I do recall that I added a Foster RP-7 tweeter to them with a second order filter at that time. In addition, I also had an M&K BE-1V subwoofer. Also, for some reason I had my ADS Model 10 time delay unit, and matching L10 speakers. I probably took my time delay to allow me to listen at lower levels with similar satisfaction as if it were loud.

    When I'm in other countries, I try to listen to local music to broaden my horizons. At that time, I was renting a lot of J-POP CDs and recording them onto cassette. In fact, I still like J-POP, perhaps even more now than then. Also, K-POP is now overshadowing J-POP in my rotation. Otherwise, it was my standard variety of music that I was into at the time, 70s electronics, punk, and space rock.
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  4. Alobar

    Alobar Pulling out of the Last Chance Texaco.. Subscriber

    SE Alaska
    1986 thereabouts was around the beginning of the great void in my music listening pastime. I had, a year prior of this hauled my Kenwood 700 and JBL L200's over to my oldest brother, the "anchor" (He still lives in the house he built in 1974) for safe keeping and I was just in the midst of finding work in my field as an electrician up and down the West Coast. Knowing that I would be leaving Alaska due to a busted economy I left my gear there with him, only to get it back 30 years later, hence the "great void".

    At first after letting go of my gear I had a Walkman playing cassettes, playing most of the rock I liked in the 70's.. Pretty stagnate really, but maybe helped set the stage 31.5 years later with my old system back home from my brothers, and now completely rebuilt, and sounding better than at any time in their past! I'm playing all new music now as well which is just as engaging as it was when I first got my stereo almost 45 years ago! Maybe it was that long period of the void with music, the crap headphones, car speakers, I-Pods full of 99 cent 128kbps music, and otherwise cheap gear, mini components etc that makes my return all the sweeter! :banana:
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  5. audioman00

    audioman00 Well-Known Member

    Umm lets see.. In the year 2000 sitting on top of milk crates I had

    Kenwood vr305 receiver
    Akai cs77 three way speakers
    Sony cdp350 with the pulse dac
    Mismatched spkr wire and interconnects

    Slipknot, Static X, Rob Zombie and Fear Factory playing at ear bleeding levels with the treble and bass all the way up. I remember driving home for lunch in high school just to crank the shit out of Fear Factory Obsolete album. I felt like it was therapeutic or something and would go back to class much happier. Cheers
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  6. stish

    stish AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Huntsville AL
    I'll turn 65 in September and had the same system through the 80s until late 88 or so. It was a Sansui AU 517, Dual 1219 with Shure V15 Type III, and a pair of JBL Decade 36. I then went on a 15 year "search" without any real grasp of my goal. Beginning around 2002, I hit upon a system that had me only looking to change with a specific goal in mind, or due to a change of room. Musical taste was all over the place then as now.
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  7. DirtFarmer

    DirtFarmer Active Member

    Mad City
    July, 1993. I was listening to no system, save for whatever was playing in the bars of Madison, Wisconsin.
  8. maxhifi

    maxhifi AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Edmonton Alberta Canada
    hmmm ok I'll play.

    1998.. I had my home made self designed tube amp, push pull EL34s, with half a 12AX7 direct coupled to a 5687 driving it, and a full wave tube rectifier using 19AU4 TV damper diodes. I remember I spent a ton of time playing with load lines to design it, and then optimizing the negative feedback connection. I had a Marantz CD-53 CD player, a Nakamichi BX-100 cassette deck, and the Thorens TD-124 I still have, but with a Shure/Realistic cartridge. I had Magnepan MG-IIB speakers, and had just got my first DVD player, which was also a Marantz, I had a Rotel solid state preamp from the mid 90s, which did line level only, and a phono pre I built from a kit, and mounted directly under the Thorens plinth.
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  9. Ds2000

    Ds2000 All About every cool stereo component. Subscriber

    New York City
    I’d be 24.5 years old. I had a two bedroom apartment shared with a buddy. I was working as a restoration artist at one of New Jersey’s oldest antique restoration firms. I was def loving life then, and had some good hifi. Responds Grand speakers, a Denon DAP-5500, a Sony 707EsD and 703ES DAC, a Kenwood KT-917, a Nak 681ZX and an SAE 2600.
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  10. fredgarvin

    fredgarvin AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I had a Pioneer sx-1050, a Parasound turntable, Shure V15 type IV, Pioneer CD player, BIC Formula 4 speakers with DIY acoustic suspension 2 ways with a nice Peerless dome stacked on top.
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  11. Route 66

    Route 66 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Let me see, it would have been about 1986 and I had a pair of Magnepan MG1B speakers, an Adcom GFA 555 power amp, a Counterpoint SA 3.1 Preamp, a JVC QL-5 turntable, a Nakamichi BX 300 cassette deck and a Pioneer RT-707 reel to reel.
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  12. exhippy

    exhippy I use to have long hair. Now I'm lucky to have any Subscriber

    St. Louis County, MO. U.S.A.
    Modern! No tubes here. Solid State Baby!

    She still works...……….

    Oh crap! She's playing slow again. Now, what the hell did I do with that book of matches...…..
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
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  13. northpaw

    northpaw AK Subscriber Subscriber

    New England
    That would have been 1984, age 33, and I would have 2 toddlers in the house. My system dated from the late '70s, consisting of an Advent 300 receiver, a pair of OLAs, and a BIC 960 turntable with an ADC XLM II cart. All these still see use somewhere in the house, but only the BIC and the ADC cart are still in the main system. The music mix would be tuneful rock (think The Band, Dire Straits, etc.), a bit of jazz (John Klemmer, etc.) and an increasing mix of Classical music.
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  14. SA-708

    SA-708 Appalachian-American Subscriber

    NE Tennessee
    Half my age (50ish) would put me in late 1991, when I was homeless and dealing with chronic depression while trying to complete my last semester towards a BS degree. I failed at that time, but was able to complete the degree the following year, thanks to the support of my girlfriend (now wife), food stamps, and a better place to crash at night. Not a terribly happy time in my life, partly because my stereo gear and music library were all in storage, unused, for a couple of years.

    Would have been a Technics SL-PJ25 CD player, Technics SL-BD22 turntable with a Pickering TL-1 cartridge, Cerwin-Vega D-1 speakers, and a Pioneer SA-508 integrated amplifier I had bought at a garage sale to replace a BPC JVC receiver that blew up shortly after the warranty ended. I may have had a double-well auto-reverse cassette deck too, but cannot recall exactly what model it was and if I still owned it at that time.
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  15. sKiZo

    sKiZo Hates received: 8642 Subscriber

    Core system really hasn't changed that much over time, including the speakers. Main difference is I upgrade my Sansui quad from a QR4500 to a QRX9001 and added some external processing along with a DIY tube amp for the front channels as an option for the MC2025. Some digital stuff that didn't exist back then too. That, and every piece of the original system has been rebuilt/restored ...




    You'll recognize a lot of the same pieces in each pic.
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  16. pumpkinman

    pumpkinman Because I am the pumpkinking Subscriber

    Pocono Mountains of PA
    I’m 62 1/2
    In 1987 I had a complete JVC setup. Top of the line receiver. The cassette deck was 2 motor 3 head, linear tracking TT and a JVC CD player. I kept my speakers which were Lafayette Criterion 3 way with a 10” woofer.
    I sold my previous Pioneer gear and Hitachi TT to a friend. Boy was I sorry. Never really cared much for that JVC gear.

    It’s all good now
    Current occupation: gear hoarder
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  17. hiFi DAD

    hiFi DAD AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Fort Wayne, IN
    In 2003 at 15 I had two systems in my room. I had a Pioneer SX-750 with Fisher...…. well some sort of fisher speakers, and I was using my PlayStation 2 as a transport. The second system was a B&O Beomaster 2400 with Bose 141 speakers and used my computer for an audio source. As far as habits go, If I was home music was playing! At that time I was mostly interested in 90's alternative/rock, classic rock and jam bands.

    Haha! Thinking back on that time in my life I remember getting into some trouble and my punishment was to alphabetize my dads 1000+ CDs. I'm just glad I didn't have to do the records too!
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  18. E-Stat

    E-Stat AK Subscriber Subscriber


    Had the question been "Fifth Your Age", my answer would have been an Electrophonic T600 fed by a Garrard 40B driving Utah MK17 speakers! My only receiver.

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  19. OldPolishGuy

    OldPolishGuy AK Subscriber Subscriber

    SoCal, Los Angeles region.
    A fun thread. I'm 66 now so that would put me at about 1985. My system at that time included: Phillips 212 turntable with Vestigal (SP?) tonearm and Sonus Blue cartridge; Precision Fidelity C7 preamp; Tandberg TCD310 cassette deck; Bogen digital tuner; Audio Research D51, used as a back-up amp, and my own design tube power amp, see other post on this site; Rogers LS3/5a style speakers with custom made deeper cabinets and M&K powered sub. Music-wise I was still into fusion but drifting more and more to bebop jazz guitarists as I did then and still do play guitar. Hadn't bought a CD player yet but was looking. Records/LPs/Vinyl was still my prime source. Got married in 1987 and things changed. Oh well, life goes on. OPG.
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  20. E-Stat

    E-Stat AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Also used a Sonus Blue with Vestigal on a Technics table at one time. Yes, that is the correct spelling. :)

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