Happy NEW Year (2019).....I've been bitten by the Buynew Bug! Seek suggestions......

Discussion in 'New Gear - Performance' started by SixCats!, Dec 31, 2018.

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    Hi all,

    Per the title, I've recently have been bitten by the "buy NEW" Bug. I have been a used/second Hand Guy for far too long and I hope to (at least in part) update some of my Stereo gear with some new modern gear.
    Presently (aside from my Mono systems which I still enjoy) I'd like to (if nothing else) purchase some new (efficient) Speakers. I want that BIG FAT sound but don't want TOO large of a (Stereo) Speaker system. I thought about Cornwalls however, I'm thinking too big (and too expensive new). So now, I'm thinking some "Floor/Towers" type Speakers that have (somewhat) larger drivers. My present Amp (used/as new) is an Integrated NAD C326BEE which so far I am enjoying. I also have a (refurbished) FISHER 400 Tube Amp I'd like to try with some larger new efficient Speakers. So, I've been looking (on line) at all sorts of recommended Speakers such as Tekton, Zu, Focal, Fyne, Omega to name a few. Presently, I am using a (used) pair of POLK 10 Monitors (which sound pretty damn good)! The Cabs are so-so, but all the Drivers are pristine! My Audio Room (the largest room in my house) measures 18.5 X 20.5 so this room can pretty much support a larger Speakers system. Speakers aside for the moment......here's another question that's really causing me confusion......I have a vintage SAE MARK IV DM Stereo Amp needing update/repair. Beautiful Amp!
    I also have the matching (both in beautiful Wood Cases) SAE Per Amp. Do you think I would experience
    BETTER sound/performance with the vintage SAE Amp (once repaired) over another "Higher End" Integrated Amp such as a Rega Brio, Rogue Sphinx, Cyrus, etc. ? Perhaps I should consider the SAE Amp and a NEW Pre Amp ? Any thoughts/suggestion/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards (confused in Maine)



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    Check out the JBL 590s or their smaller brothers the 580s. Quite a few people on AK have bought them recently and are very happy with them, myself included. Do a search here for thier replies. JBL/Harmon puts them on sale.for 1/2 price they are a steal. Now Jbls factory refurbished are on sale on ebay. These are probrobly just open boxes. JBL also offers free returns if you don’ t like them.Can't go wrong with that.If there is any complaint the rear of the speaker must be at least 16 to 18 inches off rear wall (dual rear firing ports) so the front is about 36 inches into the room. You should also include your budget
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    I also got new bug a few years ago. I bought Rogue integrateds.
    Decide what features you need, have to have. New amps may have fewer knobs, features. Todays style. Mine don't have tone controls and only one set speaker posts. Later bought Schitt Loki four band equalizer for one amp input.
    Can't tell you how your SAE would compare to Rogue Sphinx.
    Do you have a tech in mind, locally, to repair the SAE?
    Speaker budget, music you listen to, volume, could help too.
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