Harman Kardon HK 20 speakers thrift find

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by savv, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. savv

    savv Super Member

    Just found a pair for $15. They are 2 way, 8 ohms and have 8" woofer and a 3" tweeter. Haven't had a chance to hook them up yet. Anyone have info on their power rating? Any recommendations as to what solid state amps they would mate well with?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Vitavox

    Vitavox "vintage"- not old

    Sorry to "one up" you but, I picked up a pair of HK-40s out of a pile of trash on the curb about two months ago. They are the 10' version. I am using these with a Marantz 2220B, and they sound amazing in my small office. Best computer sound I ever had! BTW, I hooked mine up by plugging a phono plug into the jack on the back, and wiring the plug to a two terminal screw down, and using doubleback tape to stick the screw terminal to the recessed jack panel. Works well, and I didn't mess up the original connectors.
  3. savv

    savv Super Member


    Don't worry, I'm used to seeing other AK'ers get their hands on FREE stuff on the curb. Where I come from, I never see these lying around. At least they wind up in the TS and not in the landfills. :D

    Just hooked them up tonight to my Yamaha CR-600. My first impression is that they have a "big" sound for their size but the bass seems a bit muffled on mine. I find they are quite detailed.
  4. Vitavox

    Vitavox "vintage"- not old

    I found the 40s to be really good on the bass end, but a little anemic in the highs. Also seem to have a peak in the mid. I've got the tweeter controls turned all the way up. But, I prefer horn speakers (how would you guess?), so I like a "bright" sound. BTW, HK-40 s have 10 INCH woofers, not 10 ' as originally posted!! LOL
  5. Manitoulin

    Manitoulin A proud member of AK

    A note of caution, the 40's for the most part were 4Ω. A few were 8Ω.

    They are ok speakers; I own a pair of each, but prefer my Dynaco A40 XLs.

  6. Clmrt

    Clmrt Just thrilled.

    I have HK 20's. They seem a bit dull, really. I use them in the "weight room" with a Sonic Impact to good effect. It's a terrible place for audio, though, so I'm not being fair.

    When it warms up again, they'll go into the quad system in the garage.
  7. russkish

    russkish Active Member

    IMHO the Harman Kardeon speakers of the early 70s were never much better than mediocre. Unfortunately, nothing to rave about here.

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