Harmon Kardon 430 Receiver

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by ARguy, May 9, 2006.

  1. ARguy

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    Harman Kardon 430 Receiver

    Yesterday I picked up this little gem at the local resale shop for $20. Everything I've checked on it works, it wasn't very dusty and won't take much to clean up. My question is this: Does anyone have any info on this receiver? Like when was it produced, retail price, wattage (I think it's about 30W) etc. Anything you can tell me about it would be appreciated. It'll make a nice addition to my receiver collection. A Google search hasn't really turned up much at all. I was surprised to see the dual power supplies and caps when I removed the cover... :scratch2:
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  2. whell

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    Folks over on the Klipsch forum are nuts about the HK x30 line of receivers. You might head over there an do a search. $20 is a screaming good deal for a 430. Congrats!
  3. Schnitzer

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    Try search on Internet. H/K has website with lots of info on their "old" gear.
  4. Toasted Almond

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    Marketed around 1974-1976. I sold quite a few of those.
  5. mhardy6647

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    www.harmankardon.com has many, many of their legacy products' manuals on-line, including the hk430: http://manuals.harman.com/HK/Owner's Manual/430om.pdf

    The 430 and its siblings (330C and 730) were beautifully designed and very good performing receivers of their day. Quite popular, even though the modest 25 wpc 430 was quite expensive compared to many of the popular brands. The 430 and 730 boast beefy 'dual mono' power supplies.
  6. ARguy

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    Thanks for the help! I hadn't gotten around to checking the HK site before I contacted AK but I did since reading the replies here and have become a little more enlightened with the units history. I've started cleaning the unit up and I hope to find a nice shelf to rest it on when I'm done. :thmbsp:
  7. juncers

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  8. Manitoulin

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    There have been tons of post here on AK about the 430. If you do a search, you will find a lot of useful information.
  9. ARguy

    ARguy AR Collector

    HK Search

    And I did just that. I plan on mating it to a pair of AR-14s (under restoration)and an AR-XB turntable for some long term listening. :music:
    Thanks again!
  10. wajobu

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    The Harman Kardon 430 (and 330) is such a nice looking receiver. Incidentally, when doing a search look under both "Harmon" (incorrect spelling) and "Harman" (correct spelling), you will find info under both names (as well as at ebay).

    In college, I had a friend with a H/K 330 that he used to bring to the studio (before the Sony Walkman days!) with his Koss headphones...such a nice piece, just like the Marantz 2015, such pretty and understated units in the midst of the receiver wars.
  11. rickon66

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    A couple of months ago, I confessed to my sister about my growing addition to vintage audio equipment. She replied that she had an old receiver that she had bought in the late seventies, but she could not remember what kind it was. It turns out to be a H/K 430 with original box, but I have not had the chance to get up there to get it. It is just a 6 hour drive away.
  12. ARguy

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    Thanks for the spelling lesson...silly me! :D
  13. Kencat

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    Really nice looking receiver :thmbsp: Great score at 20$

    Similar to my 330C which is a sweet little unit. DOA purchase for 14$ but working now :D It's driving some AR2's in the basement. Oooooooh the bass........the rest of the range is ok too. Veerry easy pleasant listening.

  14. Stratguy

    Stratguy New Member

    Last year, I picked up a 430 in a used shop in Toronto. It is in really fantastic condition. Last week, I a/b'd it with a new Bryston B100SST ($3000 US). Everyone preferred the tone of the 430. What a great piece of electronics. I just dropped it off for a check-up as it was starting to get a little noisy. I'm kicking myself because a little while ago, I stumbled across a museum quality example of one. The guy wanted $250 cdn for it, but had I have known how much I'm digging this receiver, I would have bought it.

    Enjoy your 430!!
  15. eThink

    eThink Well-Known Member

    h/k x30 Receivers - A Brief History

    I have owned and collected h/k receivers since 1972.

    The h/h x30 receivers all had similar styling; silver front plate with black tuner area. These were very nicely designed units and still look "right" today. These units were all built with high quality components.

    The h/k 630 and 930 were h/k dual-powered receivers in the first half of the 1970s. The h/k 930 was rated at 45 wpc; the h/k 630 was rated at 30 wpc.

    The h/k 430 and 730 were the h/k dual-powered receivers in the second half of the 1970s. The h/k 730 was rated at 45 wpc; the h/k 430 was rated at 30 wpc. These units were based on the earlier receivers, with very slightly revised styling. :thmbsp:
  16. jesgord

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    Just picked up a really nice clean HK430 at a local thrift store for $40. Other than some sticky push buttons, everything worked perfectly. Not a pop, crack or any sound issue yet. A can of air, some deoxit and and a little excercising of the buttons and all is right in the world...except I have a bulb issue.

    Stereo bulb works, power bulb works, meter light works and 4/5 of the fuse type bulbs in the face plate all light up. What isn't working is the bulb that illuminates the tuning bar.

    I have downloaded the service manual...with that and some reading on this site, I can figure out how to change the burned out fuse type lamp for the faceplate. I don't have any idea, though how/where the tuning bar lamp is attached or changed.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  17. Alfadoc

    Alfadoc New Member

    Oh, those marvelous late Seventies HK's! Have a pair of 330's, a pair of 430's and a 730 plus several black-face Citations.

    I sold a TON of them when I worked at Nathan Muchnick's on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia and Tech HiFi near Rittenhouse Square. Found my spiff booklet the other day from thirty years ago...

    I love AK...
  18. jesgord

    jesgord New Member

    Its a great little receiver. That said, any help changing the pointer lamp?
  19. Alfadoc

    Alfadoc New Member

    Sorry, haven't dove in one in a long time.
  20. jesgord

    jesgord New Member

    No worries....I'm thinking it may require removal of the glass faceplate... ::sigh:

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