Harold And Maude Soundtrack on Vinyl!

Discussion in 'Music Forums' started by 88gibson, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. 88gibson

    88gibson Well-Known Member

    This Christmas my wife bought me the Harold and Maude soundtrack on Vinyl Film Records. The complete soundtrack was never released until now and it is only available on Vinyl! If you're a fan of the movie I highly recommend it. The album includes a full color booklet with interviews, shots of deleted scenes, and many off set photos as well. The album sounds fantastic! This was Cat Stevens at his best. Here's a link http://www.auralexploits.com/

  2. pbda

    pbda AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I've got this one on order and am looking forward to receiving it.

    I saw the movie eons ago, and I had forgotten that the soundtrack was by Cat Stevens.
  3. pilotputz

    pilotputz Super Member

    That is SO awesome!! If I'm not mistaken, there never was an "official" soundtrack released for this film. I don't know how they get this together legally but I'll be ordering the 180 gram after I'm done here on AK. I'm rally excited!! Thanks SO much for listing this thread, 88gibson!!:thmbsp::thmbsp::thmbsp:
  4. super j

    super j Active Member

    I ordered some vinyl from Aural Exploits ebay store recently. I have to say excellent and speedy shipping. I placed the order on Dec. 20 and the package arrived via media mail on Dec. 24.
  5. theWB

    theWB Well-Known Member

    One of my all time Favorite movies, Most of the tunes from the movie are on the "Footsteps in the Dark" album. Too bad it's only on vinyl I don't hae a TT in my setup.
  6. pbda

    pbda AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I got mine from Aural Exploits as well...they give you a nice choice among a number of "patters" in the vinyl. The LP sounds great, and it is a nice mix of tunes. Reminds me of how good Cat Stevens was in the old days.

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