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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by bigshawn, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. bigshawn

    bigshawn Active Member

    Does anyone know what model Epi speakers are the ones in the back left corner with the rounded front edge? I think they have two woofers and two tweeters. One set facing up and the other set facing out.

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  2. vintaggeman

    vintaggeman Well-Known Member

    they look like the model m202. i have one set sitting on the garage waiting for new foam surrounds.
  3. avguytx

    avguytx AK Subscriber Subscriber

    From the Human Speakers website, they look like the M201's.
  4. shacky

    shacky Addicted Member

    Yep 201's. I had a pair. One forward and one tilted up firing Burhoe module. 202's are forward an side firing - I still have a pair of these. They are the pair in middle row on right.

    Both very nice warm speakers.
  5. vintaggeman

    vintaggeman Well-Known Member

    ops! i was looking at the other ones, the square ones :tongue:
  6. bigshawn

    bigshawn Active Member

    Besides being warm sounding, any opinion on them? I will be able to test them before I buy, but someone replaced 3 of the 4 airspring tweeters. Fortunately there seem to be some on ebay right now.
  7. Jonesy09

    Jonesy09 Super Member

    I haven't heard the 201's but I'm very impressed with my 150's. Burhoe put together a very simple system that is very well rounded and balanced in terms of warmth and frequecy response. IMO anyway.

    That said, after tracking down original woofs, foam, new caps, new binding posts and some elbow grease freshening up the cabinets I still have very little money into them, so I'm enjoying the bang-for-the-buck effect as well.
  8. shacky

    shacky Addicted Member

    You'll want the EPI tweeters back in to make them shine. They sound great. Mine didn't have correct amount of dampening so make sure they are full but not overfull of FG. Recap and if they have the original rubber surrounds you may be better off replacing them as they stiffen and restrict excursion.
  9. mr_wetland

    mr_wetland Active Member

    I just picked up a pair of these myself, and after scraping a couple of inches of dust off them I really like the sound. Very sturdy, well built speakers. Nice looking cabinets too when they get polished up. I had some problems with the tweets, they had to be re-wired because of a funky post to cone connection, but now they sound real good. I'd recommend them if the price was right.
  10. MeatInStereo

    MeatInStereo Can outrun 80% of snakes

    They are amazing speakers...I have a lot of EPi speakers... My fav's are the 602's int he front of the pic... 2-8" woofers a 6 inch woofer and 3 air spring tweeters per cabinet.

    Def replace the tweeters...and also recap. I need to look at a diagram but if they have switches to turn off the tweeters you will most likely also have to replace the 5 Ohm resistors as well.

    If you need any help....let me know.

  11. Grainger49

    Grainger49 Old Fart Subscriber

    Thanks for the picture. I had forgotten that EPI made a knockoff of the Bose 901.

    I bet it sounded better.
  12. MeatInStereo

    MeatInStereo Can outrun 80% of snakes

    Sorry...601's...but yes they kill the Bose IMO...

    The Bose don't go as high or low... they sound kind of flat. But I can see why some newb's would hear them and thik they were great. The EPI 601's do not have any flaws that I can hear or can i think of any type of improvement...they are to me...perfect.

    I told my wife to put my ashes in them haha!
  13. Grainger49

    Grainger49 Old Fart Subscriber

    You mean the center foreground speaker doesn't look like a 901?

    This is what came up as a 1972 Bose 601:


    That doesn't look anything like the center foreground EPI speaker.
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  14. MeatInStereo

    MeatInStereo Can outrun 80% of snakes

    No...I have 601's not 602's haha....
  15. bigshawn

    bigshawn Active Member

    I went to take a look at them today. The cabinets were in decent condition with only a few dings. The speaker grills (masonite) would need to be remade - maybe could reuse the cloth. But he still wanted 50 for them without the correct tweeters. By the time I replaced the 3 tweeters, it would break 150ish. I don't know if they are sound quality wise worth it.
  16. bigshawn

    bigshawn Active Member

    I found someone selling 3 tweeters on ebay for 10 a piece, so I pulled the trigger on these yesterday. I haven't had time to hook them up and listen yet. Might not happen until I get back in town from Easter visiting. Those speakers are heavy! I didnt notice that they are made with 1 inch particle board. Super solid cabinets. Looks like a replace the tweeters, a little cleaning and remake the masonite grills. Cloth is in great shape, so I might be able to reuse those.

    Meat, might need a little help on the recap when the time comes. I'll post pics when I can.
  17. MeatInStereo

    MeatInStereo Can outrun 80% of snakes

    Ok...those cabinets were built by coffin makers in Indiana...really.
  18. bigshawn

    bigshawn Active Member

    I got the tweeters today and was so excited to get home and install them. Unfortunately one of the tweeters was damaged in shipping. It appears the magnet pulled away from the backing board and crushed the inverted cone and tthe voice coil! Now I am back on the hunt for a third tweeter. Everyone is just selling them in pairs on ebay and at too high of a cost. Help!
  19. MeatInStereo

    MeatInStereo Can outrun 80% of snakes

    Did you get your money back?
  20. SleeperSupra

    SleeperSupra Well-Known Member


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