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home made contact cleaner

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by hifibill, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. hifibill

    hifibill New Member

    ...any good homemade switch contact cleaners? found an old panasonic table radio (with phono input). the selector switch doesnt make solid contact -cuts out-...any ideas/suggestions....
  2. Sansui Louie

    Sansui Louie Curmudgeon

  3. ManFromPorlock

    ManFromPorlock Super Member

    The first contact cleaner I was ever introduced to was straight denatured alcohol, which worked well on carbon film pots. However, you can get a big can of CRC Contact Cleaner at any Home Depot (or Lowe's, I guess) for six bucks or so and in terms of peace of mind (denatured alcohol is unfriendly to things like solder masks) it's worth it. CRC isn't as good for tough jobs as DeOxit but it's 'good enough' in a lot of cases and a lot cheaper and easier to get.
  4. similost

    similost Rockin and Rollin....

    West By God Virginnie
    For a power switch, I would either find a new one, or disassemble the old one if possible, and more than likely end up filing down the contacts. A switch that is old and well used is a lot different than a dirty pot.. the contacts actually arc and burn, so you need to dress them if at all possible.
  5. Grumpy

    Grumpy Krusty old SOB! Yes, I own Audiokarma Staff Member Admin Sponsor Subscriber

    The mixing of dangerous chemicals will not be discussed on Audiokarma. Either ask this question elsewhere or use one of the many ready made available products.

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