Hooking up Computer to Reciever

Discussion in 'PCs & Music Servers' started by tommy499, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. corkumg

    corkumg New Member

    yeah but wont that be only stereo sound? would I have to run 3sets of rcas into my multichannel to get surround sound? another thing.. when i hit the button to get a speaker test like a fuzz sound over each ch. it doesnt make any sound over them... its almost like its not comprehending that i have them it only picks up the 2front channels.


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  2. corkumg

    corkumg New Member

    ~I have it hooked up in multi ch input now it sounds good thats all that matters! :banana:
  3. corkumg

    corkumg New Member

    I have it hooked up through multi ch. but my sub isnt working... everything else sounds GREAT! but the sub isnt getting a signal.....:scratch2:
  4. pharoah

    pharoah Active Member


    try reversing the sub,and center channel cable.i had the same problem the first time i hooked a 5.1 pioneer to my pc.personally ive gone back to 2 channel.i got a marantz receiver hooked to my pc with good results.
  5. Raptor550

    Raptor550 New Member

    I am going to experiment by using my soundcard as a preamp and using three vintage amps as L C R RL SB RF. it shoul dprove interesting. lol!
  6. "ItsTooLoud"

    "ItsTooLoud" Metal Mind

    Enoch, UT
    a normal sound card has line-in/line-out. Just connect it to your reciever/amp "monitor" jacks as if it was a tape recorder

    thats exactly what i did. sounds good in the 1060 computer system, but the 70ft coax run to the living room is a little dull.


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  7. pbcanney

    pbcanney Member

    Sharon Center, oHIo
    I have a couple of Linksys media adaptors and 2 Netgear MP101's set up and running depending which room I'm in, or my (75' feet away) detached garage.

    With over 20,000 mp3 files on tap, I can play any of them anywhere I have one of these media adaptors.

    basic setup I have is a couple of Linksys NSLU2's that each holds a hard drive and backup loaded with mp3's

    connected to my wireless/wired router,

    any of the media adaptors can access the mp3's on the NSLU2's either through ethernet cabled throught the house or wirelessly (to the garage) based on what I have selected for either product.

    The Linksys Media Adaptors require a monitor or tv screen, the Netgears do not.

    you could "share" a pc as a media server in lieu of the NSLU2 but I dont recommend it as an efficient use of hardware given the size difference.
  8. hpsenicka

    hpsenicka Moderator Subscriber

    west of Toronto, Ontario
    I am a big fan of the NSLU2 as well!

    Mine has been loaded with a linux-based software called mt-daapd (a.k.a Firefly), which allows it to function as a streaming music server rather than just a file sharing device.
  9. ashok

    ashok AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Lexington, MA
    Hi all,

    Here is another way to use your PC as a source. I read a review on the Audioengine W1 wireless adapter on Enjoy the Music and decided to try it out. Here is my set up:


    In the third floor study, I have an NSLU2, a network storage link device. I had hacked it previously to load uNSLUng (a linux variant) on it. It also has the SlimServer (hoping to run a Squeezebox), and the Firefly server (to run a Roku). The Slimserver was very slow to run on the NSLU2. Firefly ran very well indeed, but I did not care much for the Roku experience. So these past many months, the NSLU2 and the USB drive have been sitting idle.

    Enter the W1 wireless adapter.

    As they say in the late-night infomercials, it just works. Plug the sender into your laptop's USB port. The receiver plugs into an AC power pack. The audio output from the receiver then plugs into your preamp or other suitable line-level input. And that is that.

    The sound quality is quite good. The spec sheet says that it is "CD quality". I have not done a comparison with my CDP's 2-ch output yet.

    You can see from my setup diagram that there are two wireless hops - one from the NSLU2 to my laptop, and the other from the AW1 sender to the receiver. So far, I have not had any drop-outs or other signal problems.

    The player I am using is the foobar2000, v0.9.5.4. Here is a screenshot of foobar playing A. C. Jobim's Stone Flower album.

  10. Flammaster

    Flammaster DrumCorpsZappaFreak

    Bay Area, CA
    I love my iTunes into my monster cable/Marantz 2226B/Sherwood S-8600/ARxp62's!

    I have over 5600 tunes from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.
  11. Shirls

    Shirls New Member

    Durban, South Africa
    Hi, being new here I posted the question below in the Sansui forum, but perhaps this is a more relevant thread:
    This is probably a naive question, but maybe it can be solved by you who know. I have a Sansui HTS-08 2.1 wooden multi-media speaker set which was connected to my old PC. Now I have a laptop (Acer Extensa 5630) and the audio jack connection is in the front so that while it's fine for headphones it is most inconvenient for the speakers as I keep knocking it out as I type. What I'd like to do is get a connection that has a USB connection to go into the back of my laptop. Is this possible? The cable that plugs into the subwoofer has a double headed connection (I suppose for stereo) and it appears to have its own amplifier. I don't want to blow anything up by changing the jack into a USB! Does it need some sort of adapter?


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  12. RobV

    RobV Sansui Power

    Olney, Maryland
  13. Shirls

    Shirls New Member

    Durban, South Africa
    Thank Rob - I have bought one and my speakers sound better than ever before:banana: It appears it has a sound card in it. Quite amazing!
  14. frosty19

    frosty19 New Member

    Burlington VT
    I run my pc into my receiver with no problem - cable from rat shack works. One thing I discovered is the media player you use on the PC can make some difference (don't know what you use). I wound up downloading VLC (freeware) and use that instead of windows media player. VLC has some better options , equalizer, etc. Just sounds better. There are probably 100 other choices ouit there. I was surprised it made a noticeable difference.
  15. staletic

    staletic New Member

    Kragujevac, Serbia

    I didn't notice if anyone mentioned DAC as an option.

    DAC will completely reduce hum. It has much better Digital to Analog converter then any consumer PC audio card or consumer CD or Mp3 player (Lap Top counts too in this category).
    So, if you give clean analog audio signal (from DAC) to your power Amp, you will get much better sound.

    Let me be clear... decent DAC costs $200-250 and more but it will bring to you multiple benefits:
    - much better and clear sound
    - no hum (if connected properly)
    - no distortion (les then 0,001%)
  16. Feanor

    Feanor New Member

    London, Ontario
    Hi, folks,

    Speaking of DACs, this is currently how I connect my computer music with my stereo system

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Feb 10, 2010


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  17. aabottom

    aabottom Swing

    Vinyl to Digital Transfer- The aabottom method

    I use Audacity-> PC-> Winamp-> Rat Shack 1/8" to RCA phono cables-> Tape In of receiver. For a full review of my setup see:

    Vinyl to Digital Transfer- The aabottom method

    Here's a quick layout of the system.

    Vinyl to digital path
    _____________________________Analog_______________ _____________
    Phillips GA312/ Stanton 681 EEE/ = OEM RCA analog cables =>> |
    Yamaha RX-797 receiver --------------------------PHONO IN << |
    Yamaha RX-797 receiver ----------------------MD/ TAPE OUT >> |
    SoundMAX LINE IN <<=1/8‚ÄĚstereo === 6ft === RCA phono =<< |
    _____________________________Digital______________ _____________
    Dell Optiplex GX400 (Windows 2000)
    Analog Devices Inc./SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio << LINE IN
    Audacity 1.3 Beta -> Internal hard drive
    | | Rate: 88200 Hz; Format: 32-bit float;
    | | Rate Converter: High Quality Sinc Interpolation;
    | | Dither: Shaped
    Winamp 5.572 / CD burn ->
    MAD DOG 16XDVD9A4 DVD/CD reader/writer -> CD-R blank
  18. nsgarch

    nsgarch McStatic

    Tucson, AZ
    computer (USB) to Wadia 27 DAC

    OK, I've seen some little 'pigtails' (can't remember mfr. or model) with a USB plug on one end and a SPDIF coax on the other.
    1. Is this a good way to go?
    2. Or just replace the soundcard with one that has SPDIF out?
    3. My DAC has every imaginable kind of input, should I look for a device with different (i.e. better) kinds of output options.
    4. I'd need to run the data cable about 14 feet.
    5. Is there such a thing as a computer sound card with an optical (AT&T, not Toslink) output?
    6. Wadia is providing USB input updates for some units, but it will be expensive $1500+!
    7. Is this even the right place for these questions? :D
    Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks very much.

  19. Derry

    Derry Member

    St. Peters, MO.
    anyone know how long of a run ya can make from the computer to the receive,,??

    going to need aobut 50 feet,, was thinking of using cat 5 wire between the plugs,,


  20. Dswankey

    Dswankey Super Member

    I hope I'm not hijacking this thread if I am I apologize. I occasionally hook my MacBook via Monster iCable to auxiliary jack in back of my receiver so that I can listen to the streaming radio stations on iTunes and play some of my iTunes LAME encoded MP3's. It sounds good but can I be doing better? if so any suggestions?

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