How much for AR-94R speakers? Worth getting?

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by Arkay, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Arkay

    Arkay Lunatic Member

    Tonight I saw a pair of AR-94R speakers in a used-audio warehouse that is usually reasonably priced. I'm tempted (although I need speakers like I need a hole in my head! :nono:), but am wondering two things:

    1. How much should I offer, or be willing to pay for these, if I get them?

    2. How do these compare with the AR-2ax speakers? Perhaps more significantly, would these compare at all to DQ-12s or IMF ALS-40s or TF-700s? If the AR-94Rs are inferior to those, I'll pass on them, but if they are in the same bracket or better, I'll try to get them. The 2axs are currently my top ARs, and I don't want to consider the 94Rs unless they are better. I've read some pretty positive things about them here, though, so I'm thinking they might be, although one person said the 5s were a step up on the 94s, so maybe I should pass on these altogether?

    What say ye all? Any help/info is appreciated.
  2. tlgibbs

    tlgibbs Active Member

    94-R? Do you mean 94-S? I'm no expert but not aware of a 94-R model.
  3. Arkay

    Arkay Lunatic Member

    These said AR-94R on them, I'm almost certain. They had the wooden panels on the ends and the all-around black sock, just like the 94S versions, and I THINK they had the same complement of drivers (8" woofs and smaller tweeter). I have no idea what the differences would be between an "S" and an "R" version.

    One thing I thought slightly strange was that the AR (Teledyne) label was underneath the speaker (I had to pick the speaker up and turn it upside down to read the details), and part of the label was actually covered/obscured by the bottom wooden frame! You'd think they'd plan the construction and label placement better than that. But the number was visible, and I'm pretty sure it read AR-94R. I remember the duplication of the "R", and wondered what the letter meant.

    ANYONE KNOW about how these speakers would compare to any of the above-mentioned speakers? [If no one has the "R" version, then assume it is an "S" version, as I doubt the differences are significant.] I hate to pass these up if they are really good or would be an upgrade over something I have, but I don't want to add clutter with a pair of speakers that would be "just another pair of speakers".
  4. tlgibbs

    tlgibbs Active Member

    I have a pair of AR-94S's. A friend gave them to me with bad foam surrounds. I used them to learn the art of refoaming. Apparently the middle driver is not a woofer, but a midrange, or a mid woofer. The binding posts and label are indeed on the bottom of the speaker.

    Retail price in '82-'83 was $230 a pair. Not high end at all.

    To be fair I have yet to put enough power on mine to really open them up. They are 87db efficiency, so you want to put some juice on them. That said I am underwhelmed with the sound characteristics. The highs are flat, not open. The bass is imprecise and boomy. They are actually on my list to sell, but the nylon "socks" that serve as grilles are trashed, so they are naked, so to speak. If I ran across another pair that did not need foam the most I would pay is probably $25. Just my humble, idiotic opinion, mind you. I'm sure there is someone out there that has these speakers and swears they are the finest loudspeakers ever built. :thmbsp:
  5. Arkay

    Arkay Lunatic Member

    Thanks a LOT for that. It removes these from my 'field of temptation'. Perhaps someone would love them, but if one person describes them as you just did, there is a good chance that I don't want them, either. Thanks again.

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