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How often do you hit the thrift store?

Discussion in 'AK Polls' started by spartanmanor, Jan 10, 2007.


How often do you go shopping at the thrift store?

  1. More than once a day

    9 vote(s)
  2. Once a day

    19 vote(s)
  3. Every other day

    37 vote(s)
  4. Once a week

    102 vote(s)
  5. Once every two weeks

    51 vote(s)
  6. Once a month

    67 vote(s)
  7. Never

    33 vote(s)
  1. Hyperion

    Hyperion Roobarb & Custard Subscriber

    Hertfordshire, UK
    There's no 'hitting the thrift stores' (charity shops ?) over here in the UK - they aren't allowed to sell electrical equipment of any kind. :no:

    There are second hand shops that sell vinyl, and others (pawn shops) that DO sell electrical goods of all kinds - but it's all DJ / PA gear or rubbish - at least where I live.


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  2. RT Fan

    RT Fan AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Whenever my wife and I make a donation to our local one, which is run for the benefit of the Long Island Boys and Girls Clubs. I pick up the odd cd & the wife buys books which she then redonates after reading them. The electronic equipment is usually on the crappe side, but I did pick up a Sony cdp for $15, which does duty in the laundry room.
  3. kreichenbach

    kreichenbach Super Member

    Central CT
  4. Christian B

    Christian B AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I've found it pays to ask if they have more than what is on display. The back room of one local charity based thrift store yielded still sealed lps by Elvis, The Crests and Buddy Knox, plus some great jazz they didn't bother putting out since no one seemed interested! They were thrilled that I would take this stuff off their back room shelf for less than a buck each.
  5. Nightwisher

    Nightwisher Farer In The Goldilocks Zone Subscriber

    South Carolina
    This poll I feel is particularly pertinent to me, so I'll resurrect it.

    I love thrifting! I visit the "thrift" store of EBay on average at least once a month. Mostly I buy audio equipment (almost all of mine has come from there) and some CDs and vinyl. Lately I've been visiting the real thrift store of my local Goodwill at least once a month as well. The opportunity for spending $.10 for a vinyl record and $.99 for a CD is tough to pass up!
  6. kaplang

    kaplang Works for me ! Subscriber

    Not as often as I use too. Hardley ever anything that I want. Wasn't always that way but things have changed.


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  7. jcamero

    jcamero GD, a band beyond description Subscriber

    The Bright Side of Life
    One time I went to the same GW 6 times in one day! Usually it's a waste of gas and time. One thing though, a lot of "regulars" I know are there, so we just have a great time talking about the days/worlds events. But back to the OP's post, once a day, maybe twice a day on weekends.
  8. eastangliauk

    eastangliauk Member

    Clacton Essex
  9. Hanleyster

    Hanleyster ambitious but rubbish

    I usually go out on my lunch break to the closest Salvation Army but that's it.

    I used to go to good will too but after going every day for 400 day straight and never finding a single thing I decided to give up.

    If you want something, just earn some money and buy a nice one. I have better things to do then deal with the scum that works at these places.. and shops there..

    These days vintage audio is so hot nothing lasts for more than 30 minutes on a sales floor.
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  10. Nightwisher

    Nightwisher Farer In The Goldilocks Zone Subscriber

    South Carolina
    I agree. I look for vintage stuff in the thrift store but there's usually nothing left but junk (like a pair of 90's Garrard speakers for example). Therefore my thrifting is primarily for music and if I find some vintage equipment while I'm there that I want, I'm damn lucky, IMO.
  11. RuralTom

    RuralTom Active Member

    I've been going to thrift stores around my area for years and have yet to see anything that wasn't absolute rubbish. My dreams of finding an old, neglected Mac 240 sitting on a shelf for $100 keeps me going.... though.....


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  12. MKF83

    MKF83 Active Member

    North Jersey
    My Local thrift is great because they still put out stuff with clipped cords, rotted surrounds etc. I almost always walk out with something to flip, keep, or listen to.
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  13. wgtp

    wgtp New Member

    I find some very good CD.s at some of them as expensive as 10 cents a hit
  14. Hajidub

    Hajidub Chihuahua/Pug = Chug Subscriber

    Colorado Springs, CO
    Once a month, we have 10+ thrifts locally....most are known for garbage but you never know. Most of the time I'm buying CD's for the car. Every once in a while (very rarely lately) something will pop up (i.e. Marantz receiver, decent vinyl).
  15. refurb

    refurb New Member

    Muskegon, MI.
    Picked up a Sony 5 disc cd changer, cdp-ce245 with owners manual, for a staggering 15 bones. Works as new.
    Looking about once per month.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2016
  16. spartanmanor

    spartanmanor AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Arlington, Virginia
    An interesting old thread that I started. I no longer bother with the thrift stores. They were fun when my music collection was just starting but I now find that the process of digging has gotten tiresome for the meager rewards gained.


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  17. likebike23

    likebike23 Super Member

    Western MA
    I hit the GW and SA in my town when I'm out and about every day. I'd say I get something decent once or twice a week. I've been doing this for about a year and have found some decent electronics (Onkyo TX2500 mk2, Nakamichi AV-10, a few Realistic receivers, JBL J220A speakers), lots of cassette tapes, a few hundred records, and some nice clothes. Once a week, I'll do a loop of 3 or 4 stores in neighboring towns. All in all I've done pretty well, and I think it's fun. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to when I find things, it's all persistence and a bit of luck.
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  18. thomo57

    thomo57 Super Member

    Sydney, Australia
    I travel in my profession and if I'm in an area l think why not kill 2 birds with one stone.
    I can get to check 3,4,5 stores in a day if I'm lucky.
    Some stores l never check because they are always devoid of anything which indicates someone is in the back door taking it all
  19. Jody Thornton

    Jody Thornton Just Enjoying the Music

    Richmond Hill, Ontario
    Used to be better finds in the LP and audio gear departments. But those have pretty much vanished I'm afraid. It seems 2006 to mid 2009 were the "glory" years.
  20. Edwin Powell

    Edwin Powell Active Member

    Pines of Carolina
    There are a couple of thrift stores I try to hit about once a week. More often than not, there isn't anything of interest. But once in a while, I catch something really good like a Pioneer CD changer for $5. Although not audio, my latest fun thrift find was a Mr. Coffee K-cup coffeemaker in perfect working condition for $8. Needless to say, I've been really wired the past couple of weeks.

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