How to connect dual wire Panasonic SB-AK25 to regular amp...

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Vinylized, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Vinylized

    Vinylized New Member

    Can anyone of you wise members advise me on the correct way to connect these speakers to a (6Ω) Yamaha RX-550 amp?

    They are 6Ω (total) speakers with two separate wires coming out of the back panel. A Google search will give you images...

    Can I just wire these together at the same terminal?


  2. Tube Radio

    Tube Radio Super Member

    I doubt it. More than likely the stereo these went with was bi amped which means no crossover in the speakers.

    You can add an external passive crossover then use those speakers.
  3. SleeperSupra

    SleeperSupra Well-Known Member

    Just hook them up to your receiver in parallel. These are small speakers and I'm sure any modern amplifier will be able to drive them.
  4. Tubeage

    Tubeage Analog Ready

    That would NOT be advisable unless you want a blown tweeter. The crossover is located inside the original stereo system the speakers came with, which in turn has two separate amplifiers, one for high, and one for low. Hooking both wires up directly to the receiver would not only sound bad, but would probably smoke the tweeters within a matter of seconds or minutes. Don't do it.
  5. Markw

    Markw Banned

    Yep, what Tubeage said.

    I checked out the owners manual. These are part of an integrated system and are designed to work only with that head unit. They cannot be played with any other amp. Well, not unless you don't care if they don't work again.
  6. Tube Radio

    Tube Radio Super Member

    If the op decides to use a passive 2 way crossover those speakers can then be used with most any amp.
  7. Markw

    Markw Banned

    Very true.

    Feel free to provide him with whatever advice he needs to accomplish that.
  8. Tubeage

    Tubeage Analog Ready

    That would work. In this case, you connect for each channel (left and right) a speaker wire (+/-) from your receiver to the input of a passive crossover of some kind... and then you would hook up the wires from the speaker's tweeters to the tweeter or "high" and from the woofer to "low" on the crossover.

    But then you need to select a frequency where you want the low to leave off and the highs to pick up, so that the speaker will sound balanced best. It might sound complicated, but it's really not.

    Hope this helps :)
  9. Tube Radio

    Tube Radio Super Member

    Yep designing a crossover is not really that hard. If you can find out where the stereo these speakers went to crossed them over at that will be even better.
  10. Vinylized

    Vinylized New Member

    WOW! Thanks guys...with all that info...these speakers are not worth the bother. The unit they came with is probably in landfill somewhere by now as it was cactus! They are actually quite powerful little speakers, so I may keep them as replacement cones for some project down the track.
  11. Tubeage

    Tubeage Analog Ready

    Too bad. I like those little systems for a kid's bedroom, or if you have a girlfriend- for her apartment. They really can sound nice, and KICK without going into distortion overdrive. There's only one thing worse than crappy pop music, and that's crappy pop music at 45% distortion :D
  12. Vinylized

    Vinylized New Member


    Yeah, they are quite powerful...I had my PC sound running thru the system and out of these speakers and they produced a whopping amount of power with which to deafen myself with. :D
  13. JoeESP9

    JoeESP9 ESL's & tubes since 83

    Powerful speakers?:rolleyes:
  14. Vinylized

    Vinylized New Member

    Yeah, they are for a bedroom or a garage...
  15. cablephil212

    cablephil212 Super Member

    This is what I found with a Google search:

    On page 36, under the speaker section, it looks like the woofer is x-overed @ 200hz and the fullrange? (mid and tweet maybe) runs wide open.

    If I were experimenting with these, I would use (as a starting point) a 4.7uf cap inline with the "fullrange", and let the woofer run full. At least this way, you still keep the 6ohm rating. Who knows, they might sound good.

    Or, if you have a spare coil laying around that's around 2mh, wire up the woofer? and let the other be a fullranger.

    Either way should still be a safe load on the amp.

    Have Fun.

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