Identifying Your Advent Loudspeakers

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  1. jpdylon

    jpdylon non-active member...

    A huge thank you to all the contributors who have given the literature for our library, provided pictures, and for anything that has helped this library grow.


    There seems to be a large amount of frequent threads in the last year or so with a title that is something to the effect of "what advents are these?"

    Njord Noatun originally came up with the idea of an advent reference sticky. I have agreed to input my knowledge of what I know on advents and their various models. This is by no means a complete reference, just the most common speakers that are seen on the used market.

    This is NOT a thread to post "LOOK WHAT ADVENTS I GOT!" or "WHAT DO I HAVE?" This is simply a reference. I may have omitted some models, but that's only because I can't remember them. If you have something to add in the way of pictures or descriptions, feel free to email them to me (jpdylon - at - cox -dot- net) and I will post them in this thread.

    Here is a attachment that provides a link to a database hosted by Njord, with a big contribution of literature from Grainger49 of advent literature. it is protected so that only AK members have access to it. Contributions are always welcome if you have something that does not exist in the database.

    Crossover Information --Thanks, Pete Basel !

    So let us begin with the classics
    Large advent (1969 - 1977)

    Walnut veneer with Bullnose front
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Standard Utility

    Notes: The utility was the most common being it was affordable, but the walnut definitely looks better. If you have a steel connector plate on the back of the cabinet, they are the 1st model from 1969. They all have Masonite woofers and grill spacers. Green fried egg tweeters are rarely ever seen on these, but they do exist. The woofers have a 12" basket, but have a 10" cone sunk into them with the use of the Masonite ring. This allowed for a higher excursion and therefore a greater low-bass extension.
    Smaller Advent (~1972 - 1976)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Here's a link to StereoPhile's review on the smaller advent --Thanks Celt!

    Notes: There were no cabinet variations like the original large advents had, only the utility style. Available with red or green fried egg tweeters. The green has a more recessed HF sound. The smaller advent was a 4 ohm speaker, and the only 4 ohm speaker of the original line. The smaller advent is a fine speaker and sounds similar to the LA while taking up less space.

    The woofers were a 11" basket using a 9.5" woofer. The "Spitwad" dust cap is stock and critical for the response of the woofer
    Advent /2 and 2W (~1973 - 1977)

    /2 in a utility style cabinet

    In the plastic and steel cabinet

    Notes: The 2 series was meant to be the poor man's advents. Corners were cut in the manufacturing, including the cheap paper tweeters, and poor crossover design. It was touted as being "large advent sound in a small box" but was actually a very sad representation. The 2 and 2w are known for being excessively bright, and bounce HF everywhere with the tweeter array.

    The 2W was a plastic version that was supposed to be a modern-looking speaker. However most mistake it for an indoor/outdoor speaker.

    The 2 series had a 10" basket with 8.5" cone sunk into it with a masonite ring to support it. It is also important to note that there are NO surrounds in production for the 2 series. You will need to cut some smaller advent surrounds to fit.
    The Advent /3 (~1973 -1976(?)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Notes:The advent /3 is a great small bookshelf that still has the classic look and sound. It uses the same cone tweeter as the model 2, but only one instead of two in an array. The plus to the /3 was the amazing bass response for such a small box. However, its downfall is its terrible efficiency (85db / watt) which makes it power hungry, but at the same time easy to bottom out of you turn them up. Most will use them in an environment where good sound is preferred but excessive volume is not (IE an office or bedroom)

    The woofers were 6" with butyl surrounds or treated cloth surrounds (depending on year produced)
    Advent 400 series (manufacture dates unknown)

    Advent 400

    Advent 402

    Notes: The 400 series was designed to go with the advent 400 series table radios. It is unlikely you will ever find a pair for sale at any given time, but pick two up when you can. They are impressive small speakers. Rumored to have the same woofers as the /3 series.

    This concludes the original series.

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  2. jpdylon

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    New advent line

    Here are the "New Advent" line of speakers. This all came about for 1978 and later. There were a version of the New advent that were POWERED! Each speaker had built in amplifiers. 50 watts for the tweeter and 100 for the woofer. They could be driven with a preamp or high level input like an amplifier. They are quite rare and almost always need repair to get working, but are cool pieces of advent history.

    Let's begin:
    The "New Advent Loudspeaker (1978 - 1983)

    "New Advent" utility

    New Advent in walnut with bullnose front

    Notes: The New advents were based on the same design on the originals with some improvements. The first was the All-steel woofer baskets. The masonite ring was gone and in its place was a different surround. Next, the flush mount fried egg tweeters. The Green tweeters were no longer available from this point on. The crossover was improved sightly to offer a more balanced response, and the cabinet volume by a new cubic inches.

    The styling of the utility remained the same as the originals, however the bullnose cabinets got a more contemporary, smooth and rounded look.. The grill spacers are gone as well.

    The Advent /1 (1978 - 1983)

    Early version of the /1 -- Later versions of the /1
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Notes: The advent /1 was designed to be the replacement for the original smaller advent. Once again, this had no cabinet design variances, only the utility styling. There are two versions of the /1. The first had a grill with sharp edges and was flush with the cabinet front, attached with velcro. The later version had a rounded edge grill that was attached with nipples. The woofer and tweeter were the same as what was used in the New advent.
    The Advent /4 (1979 - 1983)

    Notes: The advent /4 was the solution to replace the old Advent /3 --which allthough was a good speaker -was inefficient. The woofer and tweeter were used in later designs. There were also two grill designs like the /1 -one rounded grill and one sharp.

    an 8" two-way design
    The Advent /9 (1980 - 1984)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thanks to deaner33 for the pics!

    Notes:The /9 was a slightly improved version of the /4. The driver compliment was the same, however the cabinet volume as increased by a few cubic inches and the crossover response was changed so that there was slightly less upper midrange. They are not often seen and not well known, and can be a good sounding cheap bookshelf.


    Powered Advents - A real rarity. (1977 - 1978)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thanks to absolon for photos.

    Notes: THe Powered advent was a bi-amp powered speaker that cost aproximately $450 when new. Exact wattage per speaker is unknown but most estimate 60 was given to the woofer and 40 to the tweeter. a built in equalizer gives a greater control over tonal response. Driver compliment is the same as in the NLA.


    More information can be found here:

    This concludes the "New Advent" series.

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  3. jpdylon

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    Now for what I argue are the best advents made: The x002 series

    Notes about the series:The x002 series were the cream of the crop when it came to both looks and sound. The cabinet styling was the same for the entire line except for one special model the 5012w

    The cabinet styling resembled the "new advent" bullnose but they were all covered in utility vinyl.The 5012 was styled EXACTLY after the "New advent" walnut veneer finish, grill trim and all.

    The x002 series Introduced something new - a soft dome tweeter. This opened up the top end for the advents that had not previously been possible with the older fried egg tweeters. They could also handle more power and were not as venerable do death from excessive volume. The dome tweeter was available on all models EXCEPT the 1002 and 2002.

    The x002 series showed up on the market around 1985. It is unknown exactly when the x002 series production ended. There are later versions that actually were made after jensen took over, so it may have been well into the early 90s.
    The 1002
    Thanks to YamahaFreak for the picture.

    Notes: These are nothing special but are somewhat of a rarity. I believe the 1002 is nothing more than a re-badged original Advent Baby. It definitely has the Jensen styling so it must have been made after the takeover sometime in the mid 90s. That and the two models are identical apart from the badge placement!

    The 2002
    Thanks to Mark2nwae for the pics
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Notes: The 2002 was essentially an Advent /4 with the new cabinet design. Driver compliment and crossover response did not change at all. Again, good sounding cheap bookshelf speakers.
    The 3002
    *Thanks to Susurus for the pics*
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Notes: The 3002 is an upgraded version of the /9. Same cabinet volume, but a new soft dome tweeter and crossover, along with the new cabinet styling. Some will argue that the tweeter dominates the woofer in this model.
    Specifications (Thanks to Don C)
    The 4002

    Notes: This is the successor to both the Advent /1 and its older cousin the "smaller advent." It is the cabinet volume of the advent /1, same woofer as the advent /1 and new advent, but new front styling, a soft dome tweeter and new crossover. These are excellent speakers for their size and are relatively inexpensive.
    The 5002

    Pic courtesy of Njord
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Notes: By far the best advent I've ever heard. Its a re-vamped "new advent" with a soft dome tweeter, new crossover, and bullnose styling. There were two versions, one with a crossover control (normal and "conversation" -which was supposed to cut mids so that the human voice could be heard) and one version without.

    The 5002 are everywhere and don't cost more than a standard set of large or new advents. A great buy indeed.

    The 5012w
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Notes: The 5012 was the 5002 in the original bullnose advent cabinet that debuted in the "New advent loudspeaker" of the late 70s. The cabinet was done up in a walnut veneer and is probably the best looking advent along with the original walnut advent with the beveled edges. THe later 25th anniversary edition also used this style, and was essentially a 5012w with a different badge and back panel. The 5012w is truly an excellent speaker for the money.

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  4. jpdylon

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    Jensen Advents

    Notes about the series:The Jensen advents were made after Jensen bought Advent around 1989. Jensen sold the company again in the later 90s to a Chinese manufacturer, and all quality ceased from then on. The advent sound was dead however for the meantime Jensen was still using Advent designs and drivers so things seemed to sound the same as the previous real advents. Just like the previous advents, they stuck to one cabinet look: black on the sides and wood on the top and bottom. Although this is not the same look as the originals, they all had this look none the less.

    Production shortcuts were taken to reduce costs. This included printed circuit boards for the crossover, less dampening, and cheaper driver materials. Plastic was used for trim, name badges and grill frames.

    Additional Note: similar woofers were used in all models. For example, the 6003 woofer, maestro, legacy, or anything else with the 10" woofer all use the same driver. The same can be said for all the models using an 8 inch driver and 6" drivers.

    The Advent badge changed from this:

    To this

    Also, at the end of the jensen line, there was a 25th anniversary model, which was essentially a 5012w from the x002 line. The only thing that was different about it was it had the new logo and the back pannel had a different connection plate and 25th anniversery markings. Other than that It was a 5012w all around.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Notes: This was the first 3 way advent. A new dough-nut midrange was used along with the tradition 10" woofer and dome tweeter from the x002 series. Most will argue that these aren't real advents in the sense that they are not the original two way design. I think they are far too strong in the midrange.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Notes: The maestro was a different looking version of the 6003. Driver compliment and crossover is the same, but the cabinet looks like a legacy.


    Notes: There are various versions of the Legacy, but it is not quite known what the differences are in the production line. The legacy was as close to original sounding advents as you could get at the time. Decent speakers for the money. All were a 10", two way design with a soft dome tweeter.


    Notes: A dual 8" two way design with a soft dome tweeter. The advent towers were best for places where size was a problem and you still wanted good bass response. The Heritage are the best in the tower line of jensen advents. Reported to be a 6 ohm speaker.
    Prodigy Tower

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Notes: Basically a single 8" version of the heritage. Not as good looking of a cabinet either. Being only a single 8 it is lacking in the bass department.

    [​IMG] Click for a nude picture

    Notes: This is the smaller brother of the heritage. it uses two 6" woofers instead of the 8"
    Very nice small towers.

    Notes: Second to bottom of the line in the jensen series. A 6" two way design. The tweeters are fragile in these, so don't clip or crank for long periods.

    Prodigy II
    [​IMG]Click for a nude picture

    Notes:The Prodigy II has the driver compliment of the prodigy towers, but in a smaller enclosure suitable for a bookshelf.

    8" woofer and .75" soft dome tweeter
    Baby series

    Original Baby

    Baby II

    Baby III

    Notes: The Baby came in three varieties. The original had a 6" woofer and 2" cone tweeter. The Baby II was the same woofer with a poly carbonate tweeter. The Baby 3 was a slightly different cabinet design and a poly dome tweeter. All three are good small speakers, but beware the fragile tweeters in the baby II.


    Notes:The smallest of them all. Also Argued as not a true advent design because its ported!

    5-1/4" woofer


    ...And thus concludes this session of "Identifying your advent loudspeakers"

    A big thanks to the AK members and various places on the net supplying images.

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    Nice work JP and Njord. Thank YOU!: thmbsp:
  6. Celt

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    Excellent! :thmbsp:
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    Nice thread. Thanks.

    Could have an entire thread devoted to just the different configurations of the Large Advent. At the end of the manufacture of the Large Advents didn't they also use the flush mount woofer instead of the masonite ring? And, I could be mistake but I seemed to remember seeing Small Advents with the masonite ring and smaller dust cover.

    There is also significant changes to the crossover in the Large Advents and can help identify production timeframe. Both sets of Advents that I have were orginally 16uf, 16uf and 3ohm on all the crossovers. I have since changed them to the later design of 16uf, 8uf and 3ohm.

    Really nice thread. Thanks

  8. basite

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    gread idea indeed, this should help alot of people in the future :)
  9. Kernel86

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    Excellent thread! I've got Smaller Advent's and Advent/3's atm so not a lot of choices on what those could be. I'm sure this thread will help a lot of people in the future! :)
  10. Njord Noatun

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    Thanks, JPDylon!

    Thanks a million for putting this together, Jordan.

    Here is good source for "large" Advent (LA, NLA 5002/5012) crossover designs. And this is a good source for misc. Advent documentation.

    Advents are arguably one of the most common, in terms of production volume, as well as one of the best sounding and most readily available "budget" (in terms of current market valuation, not sonic or build quality!) speaker in America.

    I only recently became an Advent convert. Before I acquired my pair (mod. 5002), I was curious about all the different Advent incarnations, but didn't really pay attention when one of the weekly, or so, "What Advent?" threads were posted. Now that I own a pair and have a higher level of interest (and enthusiasm!) for these speakers, I thought that instead of someone having to answer every single "What Advent?" post, that we made a permanent "Advent Reference" thread. This would save Jordan and the other Advent afficianados here from having to re-answer the same question every time, or if the question did come up, give us a thread that we could point the poster to. Well, this is exactly that reference thread that I thought AK should have, although its scope, thanks to Jordan, has gone well beyond what I had anticipated, or even hoped for!

    Again, thanks Jordan! This will become a much visited thread that many owners and prospective owners will benefit from!:thmbsp:
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    What a blast seeing the different Advents! Thanks for posting.
  12. deaner33

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    Greatest thread ever!

    Thanks for the information. jpdylon - sent you a PM about the elusive Advent/9's.
  13. jpdylon

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    Thank you for the kind words gentlemen :)

    I'm glad I was able to contribute. Thanks again for the model 9 pictures dean.
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    This is a great reference. I am very impressed. Thank you for the fine effort.
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    Superb job! This is now the most complete decription of the Advent line on the web. Sure will take the confusion out of identifying these speakers.:thmbsp:
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    This is a tremendous resource, especially given that Advent speakers are about as hard to identify as warblers!
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    Excellent thread!
    Thank you Jordan for putting it together and all others that contributed to it, nicely done :thmbsp:
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    Excellent work, excellent reference and very informative to me as I have 2 pair of Original Large Advents and 1 pair of New Advents. Thank you.
  20. RadShak1251

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    Excellent info here but do have one suggestion: when describing each model it would REALLY help to list the *size* of the drivers, particularly the woofer but a lot of the descriptions are missing this fundamental information. The 70s era 10" Advent woofer is always easy to spot because of its unique shape (and of course the original Smaller Advent's woofer is really unique!). But other woofers, not so easy.
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