Infinity quantum 3 floor standing speakers-$350/best offer West Seneca (Buffalo NY)

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by hwirt, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. hwirt

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  2. CarnahanBB

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    That's what I paid for mine. I feel that price is towards the top of the market value for those speakers. If they are in excellent shape not bad I suppose. I didn't do too hot on mine pair price wise but they are excellent sounding speakers.
  3. tubed

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    A good deal for very nice speakers if the woofers had not been "replaced".
  4. motorstereo

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    Agreed; Those original Watkins were the best part of the Q3's when I owned my pair. Without those Watkins that makes this pair parts units, grossly overpriced or both. The bottom stand also appears to be missing in the sellers pics but strangely not in the first one which doesn't appear to be his picture.
  5. Arkay

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    Exactly what I was thinking. You could start with those if the cabinets are in good shape, and get new Watkins woofers directly from Watkins (expensive, but good!), or use them for parts to keep Quantum 1s or 2s going longer.

    Either way, the price should be lower, for what they actually are. If they were all-original and in mint shape, then the price would be okay.

    If they were local and cheaper, I'd think about getting them to fix up as rear speakers in an all-Quantum surround system (except for the mid speaker, which would be a Kappa)... :D

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