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  1. OK. I picked these up today at GW for $12. They need refoams. Since I can't play them until I re-foam them:

    1. I was wondering how these little bookshelfs hold up to others of similar size, etc.

    2. Any advantage to the graphite composite of the speaker cones vs. paper?

    3. Any crossover upgrades that would be worthwhile doing (other than just re-capping)?

    These are my first set of home audio Infinity speakers which I might use at work once I replace the foams.

  2. VintInfinity

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    1. For $12 they are awesome, and can probably beat many new models costing much more. I've never heard this model, but I have a pair of Entra One that sound pretty good. The Reference One are older models, and are most likely of higher quality.

    2. The graphite looks really cool, and is very rigid compared to paper.

    3. No idea... I'm sure something exists, but it is probably not needed. New caps probably aren't either, although it couldn't hurt.
  3. Tedrick

    Tedrick Infinity-phile

    Gainesville, FL
    Infinity Reference One
    Frequency Response 55Hz - 25kHz (+/-3dB)
    Crossover Frequency(ies) 4000Hz
    Sensitivity 90dB (1 watt/1 meter)
    Nominal Impedance 6 ohms
    Power Rating 10 - 75 watts
    Woofer 6" (15.2cm) IMG
    Tweeter 0.75" (1.9cm) Polycell

    1) For $12, you did well. Although they don't use the EMIT tweeters from the higher-end Infinity's, these should still sound pretty good.

    2) Injection-molded graphite woofers have a light, stiff cone that will be far less prone to break-up than a paper cone. The bass should be fast, clean and tight.

    3) These are new enough that you really shouldn't need to do anything to the cross-over. However, a quick check on the Infinity Systems website shows that factory crossovers are still available for this model for the incredible price of $16.70 each.
  4. V'ger

    V'ger New Member

    If you need the crossover schematic, PM me and I will tell you how to find it on It is not a public link so I am unwilling to provide a direct link, but you can discover it yourself.
  5. nukeme

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    I'm a big fan of this series. I've had a pair of the reference one's, I'm listening to a pair of reference two's right now and I have a pair of reference six's in my main system. The reference ones are very nice little speakers with nice bass for a small package. The interesting thing about those woofers is that they're two pieces. If they are just separated (which is common) you can glue them back together for a temporary fix and see how they sound(that way if you don't like them you haven't invested time or money in foam). I did this with my reference one's and they worked great. If the foam is starting to break down then you'll need to refoam them.
  6. VintInfinity

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    Thanks for elaborating... that's what I was trying to say, but got lazy... :scratch2: :D
  7. onepixel

    onepixel .

    I've been trying to decide which small speakers to take to the Sacramento get together. The similar bookshelf sized Infinity RS-9s with the composite cones/polycells are on top of my list. Beating out the B&W DM602, Thiel CS1.2 and ADS L8es. I never got around to refinishing them so they look kinda shabby so the 2nd place ADSs will most likely be making the trip. The RS-9s sound excellent and nearly as good as my RSbs with emits.

    I think you will be very pleased with the Reference 1s.
  8. Rich_Guy

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    I have a pair of Infinity Reference 1 speakers I would like to sell, if anyone is interested send me a PM. I have them in storage in the original box, they were like new when I put them there. I only used them as rear surround speakers and they were taken very well care of. I am going to get them out of storage take some pics and put them on ebay. I have not seen them in a couple years but they have been stored very well and I expect that they are still like new.
  9. V'ger

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    There are three Infinity speakers that are very similar: RS225, Sterling SS2002 and Reference One. The crossover design is almost the same design (one is 8 ohms), they use the same woofer, and they only really vary on tweeter design and cabinet volume. The Reference One has the smallest volume cabinet, so I would expect that it has the weakest bass. The SS2002 and RS225 have about the same volume but the RS225 has a better finish and slightly larger tweeters. All three sound great, though.
  10. laidler

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    Just today I bought at Hope Chest, at 10 dollars for the pair, a couple of these speakers in pristine condition. I haven't hooked them up yet and given them a listen, but I do have high hopes for them. I'll post some pictures soon if you like.

    OK, hooked them up, they sound really good. Not the biggest bottom end of course, but man, so far the best sounding speakers I've had. Nice.

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  11. so_ein_pech

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    Just got a pair of these at the thrifty store. $7 a piece (like someone is going to buy just one...) Almost minty except for the disintegrated foams. A $5 refoam job later (used generic 6.5" foams from bootapest2) and they are singing away.

    Have been A/B'ing them with a pair of Boston A40's for the past few days its a close call, but I have to say, so far I like the Infinitys better. Bostons are a little mellower and "fat" sounding, but Infinitys sound more accurate and realistic, to my ears, with better imaging. I imagine, as the surrounds loosen up, they will only sound better and better.

    Pretty proud of myself for the bang-up job I did on the refoams. It looks alot better than the slop job I did on the Bostons. Practice makes perfect, I guess.

  12. Ric Harris

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    Boston refomes are more difficult when their of the newer if I can say that design. Nobody makes a perfect fit surround so yo end up trimming them and they end up looking like crap. As for sound between the two. The Boston get the nod but that has allot to do with it's crossover. I am currently constructing a pair of "Frankenspeakers" Realistic Nova 15 cabinets that I re-veneered with cherry wood. Boston A70 crossovers, 8" Infinity drivers from some SS 2005 and tweeters yet to be determined.
    Also I have a pair of A40's with PSB drivers in them. Oh mama when you crank them they are all that and then some. I just got tired of looking at them with no drivers waiting for a pair of the old paper cone drivers to appear on Ebay. I got the PSB's for peanuts, lucky auction win. I had them sitting on the shelf and though what the hell. Again Boston crossovers can make even a crappy radio shack speaker sound passable.

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