Infinity Reference 31 mkII?

Discussion in 'Infinity Loudspeakers' started by marinesciguy, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. marinesciguy

    marinesciguy New Member

    Hello all,

    Some kind folks on the AVS forums pointed me in your direction, as they recommend you all for knowledge on older infinity speakers.

    Anyone have any knowledge of the floorstanding Infinity Reference 31 mkII speakers? I was doing my standard poking around in pawn shops looking around for blu-rays and came across a pair. Figured I'd go home and look them up, and the only things that seem to be out there on them are in German?

    I can tell that they are 8 ohm, 2 way, and fairly sensitive, but past that I have no idea on them. I was hoping someone here might have run across these at some point and has any idea what they might sound like.

  2. Chuck M

    Chuck M Active Member

    I've never heard of them before. I would be concerned about finding replacement parts for them.
  3. Tedrick

    Tedrick Infinity-phile Subscriber

    A quick search turned up this information:

    The Reference 31 was a Euro-spec model made in Denmark. Specs are as follows:

    • 2-way floor-standing speaker
    • Frequency Response 41-25 kHz
    • Crossover 3 kHz
    • Sensitivity (2.83V@1m) 91dB
    • Impedance (ohms) 6
    • Bass Driver 210 mm
    • High Frequency Driver 25 mm dome
    • Power Rating 10 - 150 watts
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) 840 x 274 x 246mm

    Here's a link I found to a brochure for the Reference Series II.

    These look to be pretty nice speakers. I'd be real curious to hear how they compare to other vintage Infinity's.
  4. VintInfinity

    VintInfinity Tactophonic

    Made in Denmark. I'd buy it. :)

    Oh, and they would probably sound good, depending on what you feed them signals from. What are you planning to run them with?
  5. marinesciguy

    marinesciguy New Member

    I would likely be feeding them with either a pioneer 1018 or marantz sr5003. I only have a 2 channel amp and it's feeding a pair of av123 rocket 450s at the moment. Probably not the best solution, but money is tight and not a lot of other options at the moment.
  6. marinesciguy

    marinesciguy New Member

    Hmm... come to think of it. I wonder if they would blend with the rockets? My rear speakers are somewhere between pathetic and completely useless.....
  7. VintInfinity

    VintInfinity Tactophonic

    whoops.. edit.. misread.

    You want to use the r31 mk II for surrounds? Should be a great match with the soft domes. Rears aren't as picky as the LCR match.
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