Infinity RS 5001 Opinions?

Discussion in 'Infinity Loudspeakers' started by 11rufus11, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. 11rufus11

    11rufus11 Member

    Anyone familiar with these speakers? They are 3-way with the EMIT tweeters. Built between 1989 and 1991. I have a chance to purchase these, but I would like some honest opinions before I travel to listen to them.
  2. tubed

    tubed Addicted Member

    Depending on your audio tastes and listening experience they might or might not be what you want. That being said , if working properly , they should allow for listening enjoyment.
  3. BrocLuno

    BrocLuno AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I don't have the 5001, but I am listening to the 5000 right now and they are definitely worth the price of admission. Good detail and bass. Mellow mids.

    If you decide to repair or rebuild, you'll want to avail yourself of the experiences around here. They can be improved, but they are a good solid speaker. I ran the 3000 for years and was always on the look-out for a pair of 5000. When I finally got a pair, I could tell they were worth the wait and look.

    If you get them, I may have an original brochure for the 5001 I can scan for you :)
  4. 11rufus11

    11rufus11 Member

    Seller sold them before I could go listen to them. I guess I will never know how well they sound. Thanks anyway.:sigh:
  5. tubed

    tubed Addicted Member

    I confused the 5001 with the 5000 and I can now say that you dodged a bullet.
  6. Harvey/ Ga

    Harvey/ Ga Super Member

    Hmmmm...elaborate, please. IIRC, the 5001 cabinet is taller...any other differences??

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