Infinity Studio Monitor 150's Worth Salvaging?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by tommyd111, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. tommyd111

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    I saw a pair of these in average cosmetic condition. On one the tweeter was missing on the other one a midrange driver speaker was thrashed. Couldnt find any info on them in Orion.

    Should I rescue them?
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  2. tommyd111

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  3. bookasan

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    I am in the process of parting out a pair of SM-122's right now.
    They had trashed cabs, but all drivers were perfect.
    Here is the blue book info for the 150's:

    SPK, SM-150 3-WAY
    Description: STUDIO MONITOR, 15" WOOFER, (2)4.5" MIDS, 1" TWEETER

    Manufacture Years: 1986 - 1989

    Additional Information:
    Power: 300
    MSRP: $550.00
    USED: $150.00
    Mint: $85.00
    Average: $50.00
  4. THOR

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    I owned a pair of SM-125's back in the day, great rock, party speakers ;)

    Cops came to my house the first night I used them ;)
  5. Toasted Almond

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    Those Blue Book values are either wrong, or for one speaker only. The military BX's sold those when new, and a pair in there was $579, so I'm thinking MSRP on the outside may have been $550/speaker.

    In any event they were absolutely terrible. 15" ported woofer, in a tall cabinet that was so flimsy in construction, you could rock it back and forth with your pinky. The SM-80 8" two-way wasn't bad, as was the 10" three-way, the SM-100. They cheaped out on the cabinet bracing (among a bunch of other things) when they got to the SM-120 and 150, and it sounded like it.

    Thor may be right about that SM series being good rock speakers. Distorted rock would be helpful.

    Toasted Almond
  6. BeatleFred

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    Tommy, you can check the Archived messages about the Infinity SM speakers vs what are some REALLY good Infinity models, Ive already written about the topic before.

  7. Eilati

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    They are talking about the SM-150's that I had.
    Bought them for $25 and sold them for $80. Don't feel bad,
    they gave me a hard time also.

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