Info on Jensen LS-6

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by krimney, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. krimney

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    Calgary, Alberta
    Got these speakers delivered to me last night. Also got a set of CS-77.

    These Jensen remind me a bit of the CV d-9 with the dual mid set up. 15" woofer. does anyone have any specs on them such as freq resp or power handling? Drivers are in perfect shape and the cabinets are nice too, grills about perfect. The guy that brought these to me tried selling them on an online audio site and started the price at 100 and dropped to 50 and had no takers so he made me a deal on them and the Pioneer and even delivered. I'm :banana: over the deal :yes:
  2. VinylHanger

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    I had a pair. Only set I ever sold.... so far. Not my cup 'o tea, but not neccesarily bad. What do you think of the sound. Mine weren't set up as well as I would have liked.
    One thing I do remember, they were freakin' heavy. Oooo my achin' back. For the price I thnk you did fine. They will jam fer shure.

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