Inside a Fisher XP-9C

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by FoolForARadio, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. FoolForARadio

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    The grills aren't easy to get off! This is the home-madest looking speaker I have ever seen to be a commercial product. After refoam they've got a lot more bass than some 15"s I have heard. I have read that they are voiced for classical music but I can tell you they are a mighty fine rock speaker!

    I bought 4 of them! I don't know why. All with rotted foam...


    Clamp-on magnet!



    With all those drivers you need a lot of crossover...


  2. I.R.Brainiac

    I.R.Brainiac Super Member

    Yeah,without the grills they look pretty rough but I wouldnt let that stop me from appreciating how they sound.

    heheh,coyote ugly speakers.
  3. satorusun

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    Fisher XP-9c. I have a pair of these which needs new foam surrounds too. Can you tell me where you purchased the foam? Not sure if these are an odd size 15'. After refoaming, how long did it take for the woofers to loosen up? Also, curious about the sound of the tweeters, and midrange. Any speaker you would compare these too?
  4. frankxbe

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    wonder if the woofers are ctc
  5. FoolForARadio

    FoolForARadio AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The bass is punchy, but good. Maybe that will change as they break in. They're big and they fill the room without turning up the volume much. Great for rock and bluegrass, I haven't listened to much else yet. They sound like what I remember Cerwin Vegas sounding like when I was in college. Mids and highs sound just right. The old surrounds had angle edges, so that's what I got from Simply Speakers. They were a little big and wouldn't lay down flat, so I cut them tangentially and overlapped just a bit. Simply Speakers glue sets up very fast!
  6. dat521gatherer

    dat521gatherer current projects

    Those are nice. As fas as cosmetics behind the grills klh and ar are even worse. I love fisher's but most people dont. I have a single/orphan xp-9 with a spare set of grills. I also have the xp-10's. Great score.

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