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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by C208driver, Jun 11, 2011.

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  1. C208driver

    C208driver Member

    I have been in the queue with this guy for nearly a year without a response as to my order status. On his website he posts delay/apology, delay apology, delay/apology. His most recent delay (6/2011) just doesn't make sense to me about work coming to a halt due to.....well I'm just not sure what he is trying to say as to the most recent work stoppage.

    They say 'power is in numbers'. Is anyone out there in the same boat as me that has hit the wall with this guys delays, and is willing to be part of a group that goes to the AG's office with a formal complaint to get our refund back, or are most here just waiting it out or moving on and taking the $100 loss.
  2. hbrocks

    hbrocks Super Member

    Has anyone even asked for their money back? and if so what was the answer?
    I'd join that AG wagon train....he's got $100 of my families hard-earned money and I'm now completely convinced I was "had". Not blaming just a realization that I "fell" for it....
    I've conceded that he will never ever get my restore job for many many years if I were to even stay in the que .....

    With that in mind....There's a New Guy offering his electronic services here on the boards. Rbuckner......
    I've since just sent him my 2265 for the re-capping / restoring a more than reasonable price and NO WAITING boot.
    If you're interested in contacting's his page.
  3. IRM Rob

    IRM Rob Banned

    Doing my best, guys. Lots of unexpected work on the house after the storms and a small issue with PayPal. Never expected this kind of a load for restoring Marantz gear. Please read my posts and understand: I AM NOT TRYING TO RIP ANYONE OFF!!!! I'm just over my head with work. I'm trying desperatly to get back on track. Email me directly and i'll do my best to resolve the situation to your satisfaction. I honestly just want people to be happy, but I can't go any faster... just can't do it. Robert
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  4. Urizen

    Urizen AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Moved to the feedback forum. Unaffiliated posts deleted.
  5. IRM Rob

    IRM Rob Banned

    Thanks, Urizen and C208. I sent an mail to C208.

    Meanwhile, this thing I call a witch hunt: it's kinda funny actually. one of my forefathers ws born in Salem Mass. right around the time of the Salem witch trials (Nathanel Bowditch: ), so I gues it's kinda full circle, eh? No worries, I'm heavier than a duck! ;-)
    Cheers! RB
  6. IRM Rob

    IRM Rob Banned

    i mean no offense by the terms of the previous post, BTW. I'm an easy going guy and I love AK!! I'm just in a tight spot as i think is obvious from my posts and all... i hold no aggression to anyone, quite the contrary... how can anyone love Marantz and not be cool and a mellow guy? ;-)
    Cheers, RB
  7. luvvinvinyl

    luvvinvinyl Admin Staff Member Admin Subscriber


    IRebuildMara and IRM Rob have been banned for multiple rules violations, including, but not limited to unauthorized marketing of his website on AK, and having multiple accounts.

    If any member receives a pm from someone purporting to be Bob Bowdish, or from, please let a staff member know about this.
  8. AirBoss

    AirBoss New Member

    Story is going from bad to worse, and fast.

    Since July 6th he's got deposits, equipment and fully paid, shipping pre-paid repairs held up, un-shipped. On July 21st he claimed "car problems" held up shipping. Then on July 27th stated he was "going out of town" thru August 9th.

    Cali AG is next call if he doesn't ship on August 10th.
  9. stoky

    stoky New Member

    I am interested in joining (or chiming in) in a complaint to Cal. AG. He has my receiver, and my money, and is not answering E-mails.
  10. SprintST

    SprintST New Member

    His queue is back up, but according to him, it's not entirely accurate yet. He is again posting updates to his blog, which is encouraging. I admit to being very concerned the past 4-6 months with the delay/apology routine...not a good business practice....hopefully that is resolved now. Been in the queue for 22 months and would have been willing to pay more if that would have made it go faster. Two years is a long wait...let's hope my patience is rewarded.
  11. SprintST

    SprintST New Member

    OK..this is getting ridiculous (again). He hasn't updated his website or queue in over a month...YET he has the time to paste a link for Ron Paul's campaign contribution site onto IRM's homepage. I've been waiting in his queue for TWO YEARS, and have been patient throughout the delay/apology/delay/apology routine. Had I known two years ago what I know today, I would have NEVER contracted him for my rebuild.
    Rob - if you're reading this...your time would be better spent being more transparent with your PATIENT customers (updating the queue which you have seemed to ignore since Jan 2011), rather than promoting a candidate for election. Utterly disappointed.

    Inclined to contact Kimber Kable and advise them of his level of customer care, since they appear to be affiliated/advertise on IRM's homepage.
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  12. SprintST

    SprintST New Member

    This just gets more discouraging...he promised a queue update by "Turkey Day"...and as of today, nothing yet...

    "Meanwhile, I'm plugging away at restorations and I promise to have an updated queue page by Turkey Day! Cheers! RB"

    Be interested to see what the mitigating factor was this time.
  13. cradeldorf

    cradeldorf Mr. Lucky

    He was busy rebuilding my 2216, I had an issue with him to but I am sympathetic to his plight, I can't imagine getting run over by a pile of dirty broken marantz's and expecting to do a good clean rebuild on them in record time. The hobby would then seem very unappealing. Glad to announce mine is on it's way home and it's only been gone a month or so. It'll be here on Wednesday.
  14. SprintST

    SprintST New Member

    What was your queue number? Been stuck around 309 for some time.
  15. cradeldorf

    cradeldorf Mr. Lucky

    I didn't have a queue number, I sent him my 2216 on Oct 19 as a trade in on a 2230 he supposedly had but it turns out that he didn't have one and tells me that the 2230 hasn't shown up yet and that the seller is dragging his feet, Since I already paid him $279 also in the deal I told him to just rebuild my 2216 so he did and now it's due to arrive here on Wednesday according to the UPS tracking number. :yes:

    Personally I don't see how he can do it so cheaply...I know it would take me forever to do one and if you say the cue is at 309 at roughly 24 hours to redo one which I think I read on here from someone else who does rebuilding...that's a lot of days!!! especially if your not doing it full time, and frankly what he charges you couldn't really survive doing it full time...I couldn't.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2011
  16. SprintST

    SprintST New Member

    Thanks for the info Mr Lucky. Interesting that customers in the queue don't appear to get the timely turnaround you got. Sounds like a transparency issue again IMHO; basically contracting rebuilds outside his queue. Have to admit that practice irks me, as he's had my deposit over 2 years. Sounds like line-jumping a bit. But turned out good for you, so congrats are in order.

    Glad he updated the queue...finally.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2011
  17. cradeldorf

    cradeldorf Mr. Lucky

    I think I'd be more scared if he did 1000 rebuilds last year.....: / right?
  18. SprintST

    SprintST New Member

    I totally agree. Just really frustrated with the opacity of the situation. Don't like to give a business 100 bucks of my hard earned money and then read the delay/apology routines. I'd be interested to learn how many rebuilds are done outside his queue. That would be a legitimate concern.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2011
  19. cradeldorf

    cradeldorf Mr. Lucky

    Well if what he said really is what happened about his wife and his dad then my guess is unless he does some on the side I can't see where he'd get money to get the parts to rebuild ones in the queue. Because my guess is that money went to other personal issues and now it's time to try to dig himself out of a hole. Hopefully the money I paid him will get him enough parts to redo a couple of units so he can get his system moving again.
  20. cradeldorf

    cradeldorf Mr. Lucky

    Just want to say that my 2216 is sounding very nice now. :banana::banana::banana:
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