JBL C56 Dorian Value

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by crazyish1, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. crazyish1

    crazyish1 New Member

    I am not sure which model of the C56 Dorian they are. They have a coaxial tweeter and woofer. The cones and surrounds are intact on both speakers. There are some veneer chips and they have the travertine top (if you can about asthetics).


  2. crazyish1

    crazyish1 New Member

    What would a pair in this condition be worth? Thanks!
  3. Sir.Byrd

    Sir.Byrd Lunatic Member

    Could you post smaller photos please?

    Those woofers, the LE14C are very rare, but seem to be less valuable than the LE14A, at least in domestic markets. I see an average of about $150 for a pair, with an outlier of over $300.

    I think it's borderline, you could part them out or sell them as-is, but if you wanted to listen to them I wouldn't loose too much sleep over a refoam (usually refoaming the lansaloy JBL woofers lowers their value) and using them as-is!
  4. Omegaman

    Omegaman Don in Scottsdale

    I had a pair of them but no grills present, so I did not keep them around. they sounded great

    Intact I would guestimate around... say $250-400...asking
  5. tonyk

    tonyk AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I can't see the pictures.
  6. crazyish1

    crazyish1 New Member

    Yes, I am looking to purchase. He had $275 on them but he is willing to do $225. I am looking to keep them and listen to them but never like to buy unless I am getting a good deal. Too bad they don't have the separate tweeter ('potato masher' according to my reading) as those C56 configs are 600 to 1500 on Ebay.

    The seller only hooked it up to the radio to see if it worked so I can't tell much by that. They do work. They sounded a little thin to me, but that may be fixed to some degree with simply EQ settings by no using a crappy solid state amp with FM tuner :). I like Danish-modern style stuff so I may just go for them on that.

    So it appears after doing some reading on the driver that the LE14C are more for novelty to a collector than hifi. Is this your opinion? Thanks again for the responses. I am making a decision today.

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