JBL c56 Dorian

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by giacom, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. giacom

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    I have a line on a pair. Going up for auction in a venue where I dont suspect a lot of interest. I know the surrounds are dried out and they have not been, nor will they be played prior to auction. My question is, what would be your maximum bid on an unknown but potentially awesome set of speakers.
  2. sealy

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    They should be of interest to those in the know. You have a choice of getting the surrounds replaced by a reputable tech, but be aware they will be significantly different than the factory surrounds, which are no longer produced. It's also possible that the woofers may need a re-cone.

    What you're asking is hard to define. If the woofers are shot, that would significantly decrease value. How about the horns? They might need new drivers, or not.

    A pair in good shape should bring $600-$800, but these? I'd bring a penlight battery and some speaker wire to test whether or not the drivers do make noise. If they are functioning, I guess your bidding price will be contingent upon how badly you want them.
  3. chriswhiston

    chriswhiston Too much good stuff.

    There are a few different versions of the C56 Dorian. The one that is most desirable has an LE175 compression driver and horn that looks like a potato masher. I've seen them in many different configurations. Getting them refoamed does not seem to hurt the value, the original surrounds if intact would be very stiff and would probably need some sort of treatment (with brake fluid I've read?) If they have the LE175, they're worth over $1k in good condition even if they don't have the original surround or it needs to be replaced. The other versions will not bring more than $600-$800.
  4. giacom

    giacom New Member

    Believe from the info given it is the "potato masher" LE175. I believe i will roll the dice on these. Thanks for the info, will report back.

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