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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by hinodit, May 14, 2011.

  1. hinodit

    hinodit Airborne Army Ranger Subscriber

    I have a chance to pick up a pair of JBL jubal l 65's What is the general opiion on these speakers. I can get them for 600.00. Thanks.
  2. bhunter

    bhunter The Spherical Cow

    I like mine. That price is great. The 077 tweeters can bring that alone. A lot of people here and at Lansing Heritage tend to dislike them because they "play to the knees" and the LE5 mid is over matched by the 077. I have mine on 18 inch stands and they are excellent IMHO. The stand eliminates the floor coupling and gets the excellent tweeters at ear level. They are also a very good looking speaker.
  3. trwham

    trwham Active Member

    I have a pair I gave $10 for plus $100 spent on new caps and replacement glass tops (originals). I really like them but that opinion is not universal among JBL experts. I have found the highs to be more detailed than most JBLs I have heard. There are 3 versions of the L65- Jubal, L65A and L65B. The woofer (126A, 122A then 129H) and crossover are different but the 077 tweeter and LE5-5 midrange are the same. I have seen these on auction at >$1,000 and the tweeters alone can bring $600.
  4. dc270

    dc270 Now Off The Reservation..... Subscriber

    10+ on styling, 8~9 over all sound when elevated. One of JBL's better efforts INHO. For a vintage speaker it is a good one for sure!
  5. hardrock94

    hardrock94 Super Member

    I sold my pair of L65's 3 weeks ago that I bought brand new in 74. There a good speaker,but get beat up on, cause there short and squatty. But like the op said,put them on 18-22 inch stands they sound good. As far as that price,thats a great buy.:thmbsp:
  6. Hayes

    Hayes Active Member

    Have you heard them? $600 is a bit much based on hearsay IMO.
  7. chriswhiston

    chriswhiston Too much good stuff.

    Not with 077s in them.
  8. hdted

    hdted Active Member

    I bought a pair new in 1978 and still have them and use them daily. One of JBL's best efforts. 600 is a bargain as the tweeters alone are worth that and sell all the time on ebay for that or more. They won't last long at that price.
  9. hwirt

    hwirt Super Member

    The L65 Jubals are nice speakers, if the drivers are all working and the cabinets in reasonable conditon the price sounds fair.

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  10. elmessiah

    elmessiah AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I really like mine. can't say much if the price is right, around here a pair in good condition go for about US 2000, I scored mine at around US 600 and have been happy, I just need to disconnect them from my system and get them reveneered
  11. MTY

    MTY Active Member

    If I could only own one older JBL it would probably be them as they sound ok, look really nice, aren't too large and have a lot of that vintage JBL essence.
  12. hinodit

    hinodit Airborne Army Ranger Subscriber

    Thanks guy's I appreciate all the feed back on these speakers. The cabinets on these are almost perfect, the glass tops are mint. The woofers have been refoamed at a pro. JBL auth. shop. All the drivers work perfectly. I am picking them up today. Thanks again for all your in put. Hinodit.
  13. Fred Sanford

    Fred Sanford Addicted Member

    Check that they've had the foam applied to the rear of the cone as they were originally.

  14. sealy

    sealy Addicted Member

    If not, you can redo them yourself. I find attaching surrounds from the rear easier to do than attaching them to the front of the cones.

    Great speakers! Very dynamic. Much better than any other speaker in the L100 line.
  15. Isotonic

    Isotonic A Delicious Avocado Subscriber

    The mids can be a bit forward. Recapping with PIO caps can help tame this. I have mine about 12 off the ground. I love mine with about 20 watts of tube power. They are great speakers for this application. I have a chair that sits low to make up for the low firing nature of this speaker. I also like to listen to them as I stretch my back on the carpeted floor of my upstairs listening room.

    Currently I have mine hooked to an Eico ST-40. It is very clear throughout the frequency range and really a stellar combination on all counts.

    They are a great speaker that you will be glad you purchased. :thmbsp:
  16. slowpat

    slowpat AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The LE14's with lansalloy surrounds were attached to the front of the cone...sorry...I was thinking of my L55's. I guess the L65's have the 12" woofers.
  17. Copa1934

    Copa1934 My ears are bleeding Subscriber

    What are the major differences between the 077 and 075 (seem to be many around of the latter)? There also appear to be diaphragms available to repair them (both?). Are diaphragms interchangeable between these?
  18. Jeffery

    Jeffery High Powered Mutant Subscriber

    The 077 is the consumer version of the 2405, has a clear acrylic phase plug in a diffraction slot. The newer 2405H is a lot easier to come buy, and it and the regular 2405 have an aluminum phase plug that's much less prone to breaking when you change the diaphragm. Uses D16R2405 diaphragm.

    The 075 is the consumer version of the 2402. It's a bullet shape instead of a slot. Uses D8R075 diaphragm.

    As for diaphragms... Strictly speaking, there are different diaphragms for the 2 different drivers. Some guys use masking tape or broccoli bands (inside joke, he'll get it if he sees this) in an effort to shoehorn the wrong diaphragm into whatever tweeter they have. But it's really academic since virtually nobody but hardcore enthusiasts will pony up the $160/ea (last time I looked) for the actual JBL diaphragm. That leaves the $30 aftermarket replacements that by most accounts suck.

    Here's an exchange with a guy who had some aftermarket diaphragms in a pair of 2404 tweeters and was puzzled about the performance.
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  19. Copa1934

    Copa1934 My ears are bleeding Subscriber

    After rebuilding a number of drivers I'm very hesitant to mixing and matching diaphragms, especially with what you have just mentioned.

    I thought I looked up the correct info, but am mistaken as I know the difference between a slot and a bullet. Must have been a typo when I looked them up.

    What's the deal with the 126a woofer? Why is there little (nothing?) available on this driver? Was it short lived? No T/S stuff? Seems odd, unless it's old enough where T/S wasn't used or hadn't caught on yet?
  20. BMWCCA

    BMWCCA AK Subscriber Subscriber

    It was replaced by the 122A in the L65A, then by the 129H-1 and every tech sheet suggests the 128H-1 as a replacement for all the above.

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