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Discussion in 'British Audio' started by matteos, Dec 16, 2014.

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    There are discussions of which ferrofluid to use, as the original is apparently NLA. I used the Ferrotec (Kef OEM) universal fluid sold through Parts Express. The anorak set will undoubtedly shiver at the notion, but they sound good and it'd be easy to swap in future.

    Having recapped 2 pairs with Falcon matched caps I don't think I'd recommend. Not hard, especially if you've already got the speakers disassembled, but I didn't notice any real difference that would justify the cost.
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    It is nice to hear you plan to restore them to their former glory, keep us posted on your progress.
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    The foam donuts certainly do form a seal,and that was the manufacturers intention. The ''tube'' is bonded ( not just structurally,but in an air tight manner) to the pole-piece,which has a central hole to accomodate the bolt that secures the force cancelling rod. When it is all properly assembled,the driver is in a totally sealed enclosure.
    Not having the proper sealing does affect the bass.Trust me on this (note the instrument I'm wearing in my avatar:))

    Not to be a killjoy,but I have seen the rubber surrounds come loose from the baskets,not because of glue or rubber failure,but due to the paint delaminating from the baskets.Go figure....

    Also,pay attention to the rubber grommets in the basket mounting holes. They tend to rot and fall apart.Luckily,they are readily available from any good hardware supplier.

    As for the slight lack of bass,you are correct. These guys start rolling off at 55 cycles,so the absolute bottom octave may feel a little ''light''. Mind you,this can be a very good thing in most rooms. When I have eq'd my guys back up to flat (using KEF's own specs) the bloody crockery keeps falling out of the cupboards.Just for farts and giggles,set a moderately/slightly loud level,then go to another room,preferably one downstairs if possible,and listen for a few minutes.See how fast you're running back up to turn it downo_O
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    Brilliant, that's what I was after. Cheers for that. I will just focus on the ferrofluid and the donuts then.

    ......and then hours and hours of sanding and re-oiling....lols. And recovering the grilles too.

    It will all be worth it in the end.....

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