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Discussion in 'British Audio' started by matteos, Dec 16, 2014.

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    It was back in the 80's but I've heard the 105 Mk.2's with two large amps: the first time was at the store I purchased my 105's at and it was an Audio Research D350B monster amp. The second time was with a VSP Labs TransMOS 150 amp - my amp at the time. The owner of the Mk.2's couldn't find an amp that would handle the anvil and thunderclap of a Telarc recording of the time (Wagner) without tripping the protection circuit in the KEFs or the amp running out of power. The VSP Labs amp while only 150 W/c had a lot of headroom and could deliver a lot of current which the KEFs love. Suffice to say the amp reproduced the passage and the guy was impressed.

    My suggestion is look for an amp that has a good amount of power, but also check to see that it can deliver a lot of current as well. My Class D Audio amp is rated for 220 W/c into 8 ohms, but 440 W/c into 4 ohms so it has reserves to handle the peaks. (If I remember my ohms/power laws from electronics classes.)

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    My living room....I'm a KEF fiend. The 103.4's I had to compeltely replace all 4 (blown) woofers with new non-KEF ones - I was really lucky this worked out.

    The far left 104.2 is a clients - I've just totally overhauled it and am re-breaking her in!

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    I bought the 104/2 that i mentioned previously. Very satisfied! Used them first with a Technics SU-7300 (2x40W@4Ohm)... but they really came to life with an Onkyo M-5060R (2x210W@4Ohm).

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