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Discussion in 'British Audio' started by matteos, Dec 16, 2014.

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    Hey Now,

    I have had a pair of KEF 103.2s since 1983. I told my newly wedded bride that they would last 20 years, it would be a good investment for good sounding music. She couldn't fathom spending that much for a pair of speakers. I lied, they are still going strong after 36 years! They are my reference to compare other speakers. For the better part of 30 years they were used with an NAD 7120 receiver (20wpc), always sounded good. Now I am using a juiced up Hafler XL280 with Musical Concepts mods and they sound amazing. I was hoping to restore them when I retire in a few months.

    Last year I got a pair of LS50W and I am floored at how good these sound. Just loving them so much. They are in a nearfield setup in a smaller 11'x11' room, triangulated, main listening seat in the somewhat middle-ish part of the room facing a corner.

    Finest kind,


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  2. uteman1011

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    I just picked up a pair of KEF K120 today for $30. First pair I've ever seen/owned. They sound great!

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  3. aeroscott

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    Dayton, OH
    Thanks for the great tips! I tend to forget what a great piece of kit the Mani is. I think it sounds amazing in its current role. I never thought of using an older integrated just for its preamp stage since I’ve never messed with separate pre & power amps. Do you have any power amp suggestions that you think would pair well? Or any general brands, series, or characteristics/specs to keep an eye out for? Thanks!
  4. Pastel

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    104 /2 rosewoods and Q90s.

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  5. Lou G

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    Upstate NY
    KEF 104/2
    KEF Reference Model One
    KEF Calinda - Purchased new in 1979. Still going strong in my third system.
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