Kenwood KA-3500

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Thatch_Ear, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. Thatch_Ear

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    Seems to be a pretty nice little amp and it was exellently priced at $0.00. I cleaned the pots and switches and hooked it up to the Altec 416/ Heil AMTs and it really rocks! Pink seems to really mean it when she sings that she has been a bad, bad girl.
    3500 mean it is 35 wpc? Not that I can turn it up very far with these speakers without damaging my ears.
  2. mhardy6647

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    I think it's 40 wpc. I have the original brochure. Send me a PM if you'd like the scans with specs and nice pix.

    It's a decent-enough amp; their entry-level integrated ca. 1977.
  3. ProAc_Fan

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    INT, KA-3500


    Manufacture Years: 1977 - 1979

    Additional Information:
    Power: 40
  4. bully

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    Vintage solid state gear ...

    sue-wheat! :cool: :D
  5. EchoWars

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    I'm using a KA-3500 as a stand-alone amp to power my biamped Heil's. Just added pre-out/main-in jacks.

    The amp section is near-identical to my beloved KA-5500, just on a smaller scale. My only complaint is with the preamp in that the tone controls cannot be bypassed from the signal path, so square wave response is only so-so. Still, that does not tell the whole story, and listening reveals a nice balanced sound typical of Kenwood gear of that era. No disappointments.
  6. joelll

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    I've always been impressed that the KA-3500 was their entry-level amp. Even at the bottom of the line, it's a solid hefty piece with quality components inside, and they fitted it out with solid machined knobs, detented controls, thick faceplate, etc.

    I've had mine for six or seven years now, and it's given nothing but the best sound, and no problems at all. Right now it's hooked up to my computer, and driving a set of Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble speakers (they make decent "multi-media" speakers). I think I paid ~$60 for it.
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  8. hpsenicka

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  9. Dalmacio

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    I just scored a very minty TRIO/Kenwood KA 3500 (Japan Domestic Model) yesterday and all I can say is that it is a sweeeet sounding amp! Very different from my other amp and that's saying a lot cause it's a Sansui although not one of the prime amps that the other members here have. The 3500 is an altogether different animal or maybe I was just used to the sound of my older amp which was punchy but not as clear sounding and as sweet as the TRIO/Kenwood. And the build quality! OMG, light years away from my silver plastic Sansui! The thick aluminum face plate (with a slight tinge of golden/copper hue?) and the silver knobs, I just spent long times looking at it last night. And now it is driving my 60 watt Pioneer CS-F45 and after reading this thread I just found out that it's just a 'measly' 40 watter, so now my question to you my dear sirs is that given the low wattage vis-a-vis my cans is it just ok to power them up with it or do I need to use some lower wattage speakers?

    BTW, Sade never sounded better on my vintage 3500!!!!!!!!!

    More power to you sirs and to AudioKarma.
  10. kamagong

    kamagong Active Member

    may i try..
    the international version is the Kenwood KA-3500 and yes its rated at 40wpc..
    the japanese domestic version is the TRIO-KA 3300 with 35wpc and mssing the balance control. i dont know why :D
    i'm positive both are fine pieces of equipment and will do their job well :music:



    then again maybe i'm mistaken?
  11. Dalmacio

    Dalmacio Member

    you're mistaken

    you're mistaken sir as to the model i is a TRIO-KA 3500 not KA 3300, moreover it has no missing balance button albeit, it is located in the volume control like the sansui au 7700. it has only one set of speaker and so no speaker selector too but is has a tone control. a basic model indeed but all in all a very sweet and clear sounding amp, the first vintage trio/kenwood i have a chance to hear and compared with other amps, particularly sansuis and pioneers, i say that it is IMO within their league. i can surmise that their higher end/TOTL models will surely sound even better than mine.
  12. Dalmacio

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    Hold the presses! I am the one mistaken!!!!

    I'm sorry to all of you sirs, especially to Kamagong. Maybe it was due to the excitement of the moment and the fact that I am myopic - that the gear I just scored was a TRIO KA 5300 and not the TRIO KA 3500!!!

    And now for my quandary, I've googled the specs for the model and the results for it was nil, nada, zero. Hope somebody can help. But it is now clear that it is not a 35-40 watts amp, huh? Maybe, it's 50 watts if I go by the model designation, anyway I'll be more than grateful for any feedback regarding this. Big thanks in advance!
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  13. Spalls

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    I have my second KA-3500 in the family room system (I gave my first one to my sister years ago). Great sounding entry level amp! I love the look as well :yes:
  14. kamagong

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    hi Dalmacio, please open brochure (text in japanese). KA-5300 is included in the amp section. hope this helps and congrats on your catch. if its a kenwood/trio then it must be good :)
  15. Dalmacio

    Dalmacio Member

    hi kamagong! thanks a lot for the link, i appreciated it very much. so it's 40 watts of clean, good trio/kenwood sound then huh? i am impressed and am now totally a big convert to trio/kenwood amps. i was once a sansui guy and actually the day i scored the trio amp i previously auditioned 3 sansui au-d607 extras. they were tested driving identical speakers that i own and they all sounded bland and 'lifeless' to my ears. moreover, their wood sidings were rotten and their prices were a bit steep. i researched a lot on this forum and the internet on these particular models with the intention of owning one and i never even considered a trio/kenwood amongst my other alternatives. then i saw the trio/kenwood sitting among the heap and i said to the SA to fire her up and when i first heard it sing, with them tone controls flat, that finally clinched it for me and i made the score. i am presently enjoying it and am having a wonderful time listening to all my tapes and cds. yes!

    btw, kamagong is a very hardy wood...
  16. Balifly

    Balifly Listening Subscriber

    What kind of wood is Ken, soft ?:D
  17. Northwestdad

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    Ka - 3500 + kt-5300

    Long dead thread here but I was just too excited not to post. Picked these two beauties up at Goodwill auction over the weekend and am nothing but pleased. Payed $90 for both of them. Maybe that's a little steep for some folks but I didn't care...they just look so damn good together. And the sound truly is brilliant. Both units work perfectly and only required a little TLC to get them shining again. The bottom left corner of both had some pretty good dings which I was able to sand down and reform and look less noticeable, but I will likely build wood cases for them which will completely hide the dents.

    And 40 watts is PLENTY loud enough for the man cave. I can't even turn it past 4 without shaking my windows!

    The tuner is equally impressive. I live in Portland, OR and am able to pick up every FM station precisely without an external antenna attached. I love how the dial plate lights up.

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  18. soundmig

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    Northwestdad … love those pics, as that was my very first audio system, exactly those two pieces plus a technics SL-23 with shure cartridge and some decent 12" two ways typical of the time period. Purchased 1977
  19. Kingshead

    Kingshead Professor

    My brother purchased those same units new back in the day, gifted them to his son I believe. He purchased them with me while I was getting the KA-7100 and KT-6500, all great sounding units. Sold mine off many yrs ago, missed it so recently purchased a KA-7300 and KT-7300 for the bedroom.
  20. Northguy

    Northguy Active Member

    Yeah those two units look real good together. I always had a soft spot for the KA 3500 as one of my high school buddies (his name was Ken) used to have one and it sounded sweet. If I ever see one for a fair price I will pick it up. Enjoy yours.

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