Kenwood KD-2000 thoughts

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by m4rz, May 3, 2009.

  1. m4rz

    m4rz Well-Known Member

    Currently I have a SL-1200 mkII tt and am always wondering about a belt driven tt. Plus, I want to have a tt that will allow me to test my LP finds before I put them on the technics. Does anyone have any thoughts about the Kenwood KD-2000? Is it easy to find a stylus for etc?
    Thanks in advance as always.
  2. hakaplan

    hakaplan Needs professional help kd-2000 spec.htm

    Looks pretty decent. The stylus is not dependent on the turntable. It could have (or you could put) any cartridge on it and that would determine the stylus it needs. And you can get a new, decent cartridge for cheap, so don't let that stop you. All new cartridges include styli.
  3. m4rz

    m4rz Well-Known Member

    Thanks we'll see. I want to make sure that the base is at least heavy and not cheap and light. I don't think much will take the place of the technics, and I still haven't done any upgrades.
  4. Sam Cogley

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    Except for the plinth appearing to be made of wood instead of cultured marble, that table greatly resembles my KD-3055. Kenwood may not get the attention of the other big-name Japanese brands (Pioneer and Sansui, to name a few), but they did build great equipment. I may be a Kenwood partisan, but they made great tables by any standard. I love my 3055, it's the only belt-drive TT that has earned a spot in my long-term collection. Currently, it's paired with a KR-720 receiver at my place of employment and receiving quite a bit of use.

    I have two Technics TTs - an SL-D2 and a slightly later quartz-lock T4P model - wile they're great tables, both are going to land in my "for sale" stack as soon as they receive a bit of maintenance. The 1200 series is something that I have yet to personally encounter, so I can't give a review on it.

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