Kenwood Kl-7080

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by kfa888, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. kfa888

    kfa888 Addicted Member

    KENWOOD KL-7080 speakers...


    Not Crap?

  2. mmcdaniel69

    mmcdaniel69 Active Member

    I have a pair. They were given to me a few years back. I use a Onkyo A-SV210 amp with 100 watts RMS p/ch. I've been happy with them. They don't have a "boomy" bass, and the mid/highs are clear. I like the capability of the switch on the back which allows you to control the higher frequencies, along with my integra EQ I'm able to get whatever sound I need.
    Crisp speakers.
    I know this isn't very technical, I can only report what my ears allow!:thmbsp:
  3. Celt

    Celt Space Doggy Super Mod Subscriber

    There ya go Kelly, it took four years, but somebody responded! :)
  4. Aldo

    Aldo Show me the silver!!

    All I can say is they sure must be rare speakers!! :scratch2:
  5. mmcdaniel69

    mmcdaniel69 Active Member

    Thats funny, I did a search to see if I could find out anything about my speakers and didn't realize how old the post was!:D
  6. kneeOhFight

    kneeOhFight Addicted Member

    Hehe..I did that a couple of times myself, digging up threads form long ago, not realizing it...seems if fsomeone wasn't supposed to respond to such posts, the thread would be closed. anyway....:D

    what do you think of that Onkyo unit you describe using, mmcdaniel69? A guy is trying to sell me one this morning, and I'm studyin on buying it..:scratch2:
  7. Kohl

    Kohl Builder

    Well, may as well keep this thread alive, not much out there either neg or pos regarding the Kenwood KL-7080. I picked up a pair in "almost" mint condition, had them hooked up initially to a 150 watt Carver AVR100 with a NAK LX-5 and Rotel 950, CD did not sound good, cassette sounded better so I decided to relocate speakers upstairs and run them via Sansui 881. Big change, and for the good, I would have to say, the Kenwood's sound much better through solid state. Sansui delivers much more punch at the lower end really helping the big woofers. I will run with the Sansui for a few days to tune my ears to this match and then swap the Sansui with the Kenwood KR-9400. Stay tuned for the KW and KW match up.
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  8. kerrytat2

    kerrytat2 Super Member

    I have had my pair running off a Sansui G-3000 for weeks now and I am impressed with the punch these have with the volume at about 2,mostly with an ONKYO tape deck and an ELAC turntable.I believe this Sansui is less than 30 watts on a good day,yet there is volume to spare.Very good Hendrix speakers if you know what I mean.

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