Kenwood KM 105/KM 205 Amplifiers

Discussion in 'Kenwood-TRIO' started by xpert54, Apr 20, 2011.

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    Found these in a thrift shop. The KM 105 has the preamp with it whereas the KM 205 does not. Both can be bought for around $50.00. As the KM 105 is rated at 150 wpc and the KM 205 is rated at 200 wpc are these decent enough to make their purchase worth while and add them to my small but growing Kenwood collection.
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    The KM series is decent enough but nothing special unless the price is right. Between the 2 I would opt for the 205 but would not pay more than $25. If you want Kenwood from that era I would go up a step and try and get gear from the Basic series. A M2 amp with a C2 pre-amp would be a very good combination. If money is an issue get the KM 205 and match it up with a Kenwood Basic C1 or C2 pre-amp.
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    At that price I'd be all over them if they worked. If you find you don't like them, you can always flip them for a profit, (maybe a big profit, see below).

    When you say both, you do mean both and not each, right? Even if your definitiions of the words with and both don't match mine, it's an pretty good price. If your definitions do match mine, then it is a great price!
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    The quote was for $50.00 for each one. The KM 105 with the preamp and the KM 205 by itself. I may pick up the 105 and the 205 amps by themselves maybe the next time I'm in the Metroplex

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