Kenwood KR-1000 Galaxy Commander

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by kcollins4, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. kcollins4

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  2. jhal

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    Ooooooooohh flowchart. Love it or hate it, total 80's. I would love to have one, just for the looks. I know there is some serious business inside of that thing, so that makes it well worth it. The theme from Knightrider plays in the background as I look over the auction. No, not really.
  3. JT-3

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    Flowcharts are a must have anymore, right? :D
  4. beemer

    beemer Vintage Graduate

    I made the seller a fair offer and he took it. This one looks like it was well-kept and these are few and far between and truly hard-to-find in the condition this one appears to be in. One of the rarest big Kenwoods.
    Looking at this seller's feedback he has packed delicate stuff well.

    My last "Galaxy Commander" experience was not pleasant. Though the seller said it would be double boxed and so forth he had his 12 year old daughter pack it, and it was reduced to rubble in shipping. He was also totally unhelpful regarding resolution of the problem.

    On the bright side I DO have a "parts" Galaxy Commander. :D


    Paul :thmbsp:
  5. motorstereo

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    Paul you are my hero. You just get back from Penn. with a great set of altec 19's and first thing you do is buy your second galaxy commander. You do know how to have fun. Good luck on your newest score and congrats on those beautiful altecs. Hey I haven't cried all day now about the missed dragon. Things are improving.

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