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    I unpacked the Kenwood KR-2600 from the factory box and styrofoam yesterday. It was not untouched. My dad bought it new (late 70s, is my guess) and it worked when I packed it up and brought it home in 2005. Well no lights and no response when I plugged it in yesterday.
    I am not an audiophile, but had the idea I was going to use it to boost the computer output to some HK-20 speakers that are sitting around and piqued my interest. Now, the thought of a nice tuner sort of appeals to me, too.
    I found KR-2600s on e-Bay for $20 to 80 after about 30 seconds of tedious research (grin). I see no fuse on this baby. Is this a lost cause or what?
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    Welcome to AK.

    According to the schematic, there is a fuse. If you are comfortable, pull the cover and take a look inside. It should be in there somewhere.

    If no fuse, it could be the power switch.

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    Moved to the Kenwood Forum. You'll get more answers here. :yes:
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    If it were mine, and it had a family history (such as yours), I'd definitely put a little time into it. The fact that it was your fathers might give you a little sentimental incentive to do so as well (just my thought).

    The fact that it worked the last time it was fired up 6 years ago, and does not now (with no know "catastrophic electronic event" taken place) would give me hope that it is something simple. I have a KR-5600 from the same family that is my favorite Kenwood (I bought it new in the 70's as well).

    Probably still a lot of life in your little Kenwood. Even though they don't go for much on eBay, in my mind they are worth much more. You definitely won't be able to find anything built like your little receiver on the market today in that price/quality range. And knowing that you are the second generation to own it is pretty cool too.

    Also if you are "starting to get into this type of thing", what better low-end receiver to try to learn a little on your own. Nothing to lose, and a lot to gain in both knowledge and potential outcome. Welcome to AK - GO FOR IT!
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    Don't those KR-X600 Kenwoods suffer from power button failure over time. It's a push button unlike my KR-5400 which supposedly fairs better in that regards. I'd check the power button among other things stated above.

    Kenwood forum is a good idea as well. As I'm no 'tech' and there are certainly some there!

    Keep it and give it some TLC, you'll like it. I use mine to power a couple of Minimus 7s as my computer speaker system. A very nice combo at a LOW price that also has the benefit of a fairly nice tuner!

  6. Audio99%

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    I does have a very nice touch and feel and my memories are that it had nice sound, too. I will look for the fuse and break out the ancient, cheap multimeter and check the power switch. I'll post an update if I learn something. Thank you one and all.
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    eBay Won $45.99 Free S/H same unit

    Wish me luck .....
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    I put it aside. I'm 70 myself now and don't have the facilities or interest in going any further at present. As I recall, the power switch checked out OK. Let me know how yours works, & send a photo if you want to.

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