Kenwood KR-7400.

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by spaceman, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. spaceman

    spaceman Registered Lunatic

    I picked one up today for $20, without being able to test it, thinking it was a reasonably priced gamble, & it worked out very well. The vinyl's peeling off one of the wooden endcaps, & it was pretty dirty outside, pretty dusty inside, but after a good dusting inside, I fired her up, & she plays great. :D The faceplate & knobs look pretty darn good, no scratches or dings that I can notice yet, & all the lights still work. And this one has a nice tuner, as most Kennies do, I was getting almost a full 5 on the signal strength meter, when I realized I forgot to hook up an antenna. :D No complaints at all on this one, another keeper. :yes:
  2. bully

    bully member

    Nice model, great sound. I had the TOTL KR-9400 and is was a lovely receiver.
    The KR-7400 is 63 wpc & msrp $540 in 1973-74.
  3. ybaolywa

    ybaolywa Super Member

    spaceman, nice addition you got there. Congrats! A few of these were showing up on CL for a time. I recently got one too and it's runs the main vintage system in the LR. I've run it with some KEFs, Advents, Klipschs and some JBLs. Never a complaint to be heard.
    Enjoy it:thmbsp:
  4. SpeakerLabFan

    SpeakerLabFan < speakerlab 7's Subscriber

    Wow, Nice score Spaceman. $20? Yeah the Kenwood receivers I've seen all have really great FM tuners.
  5. kcollins4

    kcollins4 Rocking somewhere Subscriber

    Yet another under appreciated Kenny. I liked my 9400 so much that I bought a second one, third one.:D
  6. spaceman

    spaceman Registered Lunatic

    Whoa, $540? :eek: That's still a chunk of change today, & would have been a small fortune in the early-mid 70s. I can understand it though, the build quality is pretty darn good, & these have a very nice sound, that didn't happen by accident, I'm sure. ;)
  7. Brad Muller

    Brad Muller Super Member

    Kenwood made some great stuff. I've never heard a crummy one yet, except for a unit needing repair. Great tuners and great sound. You did great Spaceman!:yes: You guys always find all the great deals! I need to move north.:yes: Brad
  8. spaceman

    spaceman Registered Lunatic

    Well, I made the trip downtown yesterday, to buy some De-Ox from the Guitar Center on Westlake. It's a little hard to find here in Seattle, but they had a goodly supply of D5, F5 (Faderlube), & De-Ox Gold, around $13 after tax for a 5 oz. can. :smoke: I noticed that the KR-7400 uses NEC output transistors, & wonder how much that contributes to that nice sound. :scratch2: The Concept 5.5 I scored not long ago uses a pair of Toshibas and a pair of NECs as well, and these are the 1st units I remember seeing with NECs. Both of these receivers are definitely better than average sounding, so I'd have to say they must be pretty good transistors. :yes:

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