Kenwood L-07M II Monoblock Amp-$150.00...CL/PHX

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by djv8ga, May 30, 2009.

  1. djv8ga

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  2. Ausjoe

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    That is a very nice amp and a good price. Echowars mentioned once that the outputs are very hard to find and the II version has a "high speed design" ( that's very paraphrased!:D) that can cause problems. Version I does not.
  3. Sam Cogley

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    I'd be all over that like a fly on cow dung.
  4. kamagong

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  5. epoch5

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    I love my L-07M II's. I am going to insist that they be buried with me. I am going to need a very big coffin to hold everything I will need in the after life.:D
  6. xoaphexox

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    That is a smokin' deal and they sound great! I've read just a little TLC and maybe a handful of silver mica caps can keep it from oscillating itself to death.

    I heard them for the first time this week with a pair of EV's. They sound really fast and clean - like a Sansui AU-919!
  7. Mchaz

    Mchaz Outputs roasting on an...

    Sounds like it's just one mono amp.

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