Kenwood LS-P9000 speakers - Lakeland, FL CL

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by Tedrick, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Tedrick

    Tedrick Infinity-phile Subscriber

    Here. Very interesting looking speakers, lots of tweeter. I've never seen this model before and know nothing about them. Would be curious how they sound.

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  2. Bigyank

    Bigyank Long time Member Subscriber

    Nice Kicker car subs in place of mids!:thumbsdn:

  3. Tedrick

    Tedrick Infinity-phile Subscriber

    LOL, I saw that and forgot to mention it. Not cool.

    I imagine driver integration in this model is a might tough, as well.
  4. Nat

    Nat AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I had a pair of 9200s (out of the dumpster needing refoaming), which are similar but with polypro mid, woofer and passive, and three dome tweeters and three quasi ribbon super tweeters. Let down by a flimsy cabinet, but much better than I expected, and certainly dramatically better than the rack mount system speaker competition. Big, clear, deep full sound, and better imagining and depth than quite a few speakers that are given more respect.
    These particular ones I would avoid -- the woofers are clearly replacements.

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