Kenwood Model Eleven III

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by Rod G-6000, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. Rod G-6000

    Rod G-6000 Do I See Silver?!!

    I'm going to take a look at one of these today.
    I haven't found much info on it though. Just that it's 120 wpc and will drive a 4 ohm load safely. Plus the Timers are a known problem with them but it can be bypassed.
    Anybody here have one and want to share their impressions on it?
    I was wondering how it compares to other receivers of the time like the Sansui G-8000 and Pioneer SX's

    Here's what it looks like. Link from Classic Audio:
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  2. Sam Cogley

    Sam Cogley Last of the Time Lords Subscriber

    Nice looking unit. I never have quite figured out Kenwood with the "Eleven" series and the KR-9400/9600/9050. Seems odd to have two TOTL lines. From what I've read the Elevens were a bit more "lightweight" than the other line.
  3. MAXZ28

    MAXZ28 Addicted Member

    AKer Dennydog has 3 big Kennies....he likes them alot - mammoth sized dimensions but I wasn't necessary impressed with what I saw inside. Alot of wasted space making it appear huge on the outside. They certainly sound nice, though.

    I understand that Denny's got a parts unit just in case you're needing something for your timer if needbe, BTW.
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  4. Rod G-6000

    Rod G-6000 Do I See Silver?!!

    Thanks Darren. I'l have to get in touch with Dennydog to see if he may have the DC adjustment procedure for it.
    I just got in with it. Everything is there and working..including the Timer but the case has seen better days. It's very dirty inside and out but all input/outputs work great except for the occasional channel drop due to the dirty controls and switches.
    This one is a bit light at 35 lbs. but I like the looks of it. After it gets a bath I'll see how I like the sound of it.
  5. iloveitloud

    iloveitloud Active Member

    I've got one. I really like it. It has plenty of power, and really looks cool,-to me anyways. I have heard the timers break, but mine works, and my dad has an ELEVEN II, and that one also works. I just leave mine on "RESET" I'd get it for sure, if the price is decent. I paid about $260 for mine, but I have seen them sell for a whole lot more. Also, I have driven everthing from super efficient KENWOODS, to power sucking BOSE 901's, and it powers 4 at a time without a proublem. Good luck, hope you enjoy it:thmbsp:
  6. Rod G-6000

    Rod G-6000 Do I See Silver?!!

    Here's a few pics of the dirty beast.
    It's torn dowm and all pots & switches have been cleaned.
    5 of the indicator bulbs are out and 2 of the dial bulbs.
    It's been brushed out with a soft brush now so I need to start the detail work later this weekend.
    Need to find me an SM for what bulbs this takes and to set DC.
    This should be a fun project.

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  7. avionic

    avionic Aim High !!! Subscriber

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  8. Rod G-6000

    Rod G-6000 Do I See Silver?!!

    Thanks for the Tip.
  9. Rod G-6000

    Rod G-6000 Do I See Silver?!!

    After a few hours, the old Kenwood cleaned up pretty well.
    Still have a lot of bulbs to replace and figure out what to do with the wood case where the slats are broken for the air vents. Of course after the cleaning was done and it was test time the plastic intermediate shaft for the Timer let go. Looks simple enough to make one up though.
    I'm liking the looks of this one. Only listened to it with the Minimus 7's and a portable CD player at low volume so far.

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  10. spaceman

    spaceman Registered Lunatic

    Nice receiver, congrats! :thmbsp: I picked a minty one up off CL probably 3 or 4 years ago now, pretty cheap, & liked it a lot. After I had it a couple/few months, I traded it for tube gear & cash. I had a KR-7600 for a short time too, but it had led a hard life, including liquid spills. Going by the build quality, I've always thought I'd like to hear a 9600. :yes:
  11. motorstereo

    motorstereo the wonder of it all Subscriber

    Hi Rod; Nice pick up on that kenny. I thought you said it was dirty? Nice job on the clean-up.
    That's too bad about the broken vent slots. I wonder if you could fabricate some sort of a heavy duty metal screen to take the place of the wooden vents?
  12. Wolverine

    Wolverine AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Great pics and nice job on the clean up!
    Let me know what you use for the bulbs as I have one of these sitting on the sidelines waiting for me to rig a timer and replace about the same number of bulbs.
  13. highping

    highping AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Great job cleaning that beast up. I've got the Eleven II currently set up in a bedroom. I believe the Elevens were only available on overseas military bases, and match similar US models of another number/name, which eludes me at this time. :)
  14. Rod G-6000

    Rod G-6000 Do I See Silver?!!

    Thanks guys. I think it cleaned up well.

    Thanks for those links Avionic.

    I have some ideas for the vents Brian. Hopefully it'll work out.

    I'll have to let you know on the bulbs when the SM comes in Wolverine.

    It's still down on the bench so I just hooked up my basement Technics to it. Damn, this thing has some nice power in it. Made those Technics sound better than they ever have. Even at half volume they were crystal clear. Tomorrow I may have to try driving the Infinity's with it???
  15. Rod G-6000

    Rod G-6000 Do I See Silver?!!

    Anyone have the DC adjustment procedure for this receiver handy?
    I just rechecked the DC output and it's running high @ 73mv (L) & 84mv (R)
    It does sound sweet driving the Infinity RS 5B's though.
  16. sonix

    sonix Active Member

    Looks like you favor your Au 9500 above all since you have in in your avatar! Just a guess. :music:
  17. Rod G-6000

    Rod G-6000 Do I See Silver?!!

    If you place a jumper across the 2 white wires that are on top of the Timer it will bypass it. Power switch works as if there is no Timer. I did this on mine for now until I can make up a new intermediate shaft. I have no real need for a Timer but I want to have it working just the same.
  18. Wolverine

    Wolverine AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I am a bit of a noob when it comes to these types things. Please describe this jumper, where you got it and how you connect the the two wires.

  19. vegaman9

    vegaman9 Mr. Slappy

    i had a kenwood model 9 gx. essentially the same unit as your model 11. mine had the timer in it. i too, left mine on reset and it never caused me any trouble. the 9's and the 11's were on sold to u.s. servicemen overseas from i believe '78 to '80. my late 9 (yep its gone) was rated at 80 wpc. yeah its a relatively light unit in terms of lbs. but it was very loud and did have a kinda unique sound. the prettiest i have ever had when lit up in the dark. could run 3 pairs of 8 ohm speakers at once. yeah i miss it. i gave 7 dollars for it at a yard sale.

    peace out
  20. DaWoofer

    DaWoofer Super Member

    $7? What kind of crazy deal was that? Somebody must been out of their mind!
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