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kenwood trio kw50 and kw55 tube receivers

Discussion in 'Kenwood-TRIO' started by Jcricket, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Jcricket

    Jcricket not someday, but today Subscriber

    Littleton Colorado
    Hey Folks,
    I have a pair of kenwood tube receivers in my shop at the moment. One is pristine, the otehr okay. Neitehr work:no:
    I am looking under the hood and seeing a few things that are interesting. Can anyone confirm the color code for the b+, and the two plate wires.

    Mine have a brown as b+, and the red and the orange as the plate taps.


    ANyway, I do have the schematics and I will be going through them with a fine tooth comb until I can get them to sound right.
    I'll post pics in a bit and I'll try and scan the schematics and get them put into the database - maybe they are there now, I didn't check.

    till later,
  2. aileenamegan

    aileenamegan Super Member

    Germany, Frankfurt area
    Both are quite seldom. Will be interesting to see details. Great!

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