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Discussion in 'Solid State' started by JoZmo, Jul 7, 2002.

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    I've got this KLH system sitting in the cellar of my Mother's house and was wondering if it is worth anything?

    Everything works as far as I can remember, haven't fired it up in many, many years.

    It's got a turntable, FM radio, aux, FM and phono source inputs on the back.

    The only thing is, I just looked at the speakers and they have a phono type connector on both ends, but, I must have cut off the connectors on one end at some time to hook up to a receiver because there's just bare wire now.

    I could probably put new ends on if I had to, yes?

    Also the dust cover is no longer on hinges.

    Wha diya think?
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    I owned a Model 24 about a little less than a year ago. (Yardsale, 30 bucks.) After a couple of weeks of trial and error, I managed to get 95% of the functions working. Working on the unit again and again, gave me a great appreciation for Henry Kloss and his designers. The unit really provides remarkable sound for a small package, and the build quality is very high, overall (Gotta love that oiled walnut.) I eventually sold the unit to a friend who is nuts for KLH stuff, but part of me wishes I had saved it for an office we just finished.

    I would definitely NOT redo the speaker jacks...if you remove them, the overall value of the unit will lessen. Try Radio Shack and Partsexpress.com to see if they might have the proper connectors. (If I remember right, RS has jacks that fit into the regular phono jacks.)

    One last thing, if there is some scratchiness in the controls, good luck...the volume knob of my Model 24 was among the most difficult to get clean and clear. If yours are dirty, I have no advice except to keep at it.


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