KLH Speakers -- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by drspiff, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. drspiff

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    Aggieland USA
    Any opinions on KLH speakers? I'm looking to add a pair of speakers and wondered about the KLH. We all know that the "K" in KLH is Henry Kloss who was also the power behind the Large Advent. So I'm expecting that one or more of the KLH models will have similar sound. I've come across Models 5, 6, 17, 20, 24, and 50 but have no experience with any of the KLH speakers.

    These are "How High is Up" questions:

    Which is a good KLH speaker?
    Which is a better KLH?
    Which is the best KLH?
  2. Fast_Eddie

    Fast_Eddie Upper-middle fi

    Denver Colorado
    I owned a pair of KLH sixs for a while. Gave them to my wife's friend. I still hear them from time to time and I like them for a vintage rig. They have a similar sound to the Advents, but I recall clearly that I thought the Advent was the better speaker by a fair margin. Not a huge margin, but not close enough to make the decision of which to hang on to difficult.

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  3. Urizen

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    You'll find lot of info on the "east coast sound" here .

    I currently have a set of KLH Model Six mated with a Fisher 400; a very nice combo. I recently picked up a set of Model Seventeen at a yard sale and they await fresh crossovers, and a new tweeter, when found. There are many folk here who love vintage KLH speakers.
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  4. MarkAnderson

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    Sumter, SC
    Got a pair of Model 6's myself - love them. The 50 is a new one on me. The Model 5 is prolly the best of the bunch (although I've not heard them), then the 6, 17 & 20 (the 20, IIRC, is the same as the 17, except 4 ohms), then the 24 (a smaller 8"? two-way). The Model 23 (I'm told) and 32 (I've experienced) are also nice. If any of this is BS, please correct me. - Mark
  5. kfa888

    kfa888 Addicted Member

    Vancouver WA
    I have a set of the 23's (single 10" and a cone tweet in a medium sized and heavy cab) which are very nice for jazz and laid back music. I also have a set of the TOTL KLH "Low frequency reproducer" bottoms which is 2 12" in a huge cab and the "High Frequency Array" top box for these which is an array of KLH tweeters. I have not picked it up yet (In Boise) but I have high hopes for that setup. Supposed to be some of the best the old KLH made.
  6. jcmjrt

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    S.F. Bay
    I have a pair of 5's and like them but can't compare them to other KLH's as I haven't found another pair at a reasonable price. I would like to get another pair as these are very nice.
  7. nitrous

    nitrous 96 dB freak!

    KLH vintage speakers

    I own the following KLH vintage speakers: Models 5, 6, 12, 15, 17, & 23s.
    My preference in order from best downward: 6 & 23 (tie), 17, 12, & 5. The 5 & 12 have the same 4 drivers (10" woofer, 2 midranges, & 1 tweeter.) The model 12 is in massive 29" x 22" x 15" cabinets & has 2 separate equalizers, 1 for each enclosure. The model 5 is in a cabinet slightly larger & much heavier than the 6 (which is similar to the large Advent.) The 23's cabinet in slightly larger than the model 6, but smaller than the model 5. The 6, 23 & 17 have the most accurate & modern sound of the entire bunch. I'll be listening to them until the end.... ( btw, the model 15 contains two 4" fullrange drivers per enclosure. Sounds very good as an excellent table radio.)
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  8. P. Shivers

    P. Shivers Necessity Conquers Fear

    I have a pair of 17's that I replaced the caps in. They are my current favorite speakers. They sound terrific, and I love the mid sixties look, and small cabinet size. I briefly replaced them with a pair of original large Advents, but went back to the KLH.
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  9. nbourbaki

    nbourbaki Active Member

    I own a pair of Model 17s. I can't compare the 17s to other KLH models, but the 17s sound great hooked up to my Marantz 4270. Much superior to the Marantz Imperial 5-g I've got hooked up to my Marantz 2230. I'm now on the lookout for a pair of 23s which I've been told are a little better than my 17s. I bought the Imperials so I could take the 17s offline and do a crossover cap replacement but I like the 17s so much better than the Imperials that I keep putting it off.

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