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Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by AdamITR, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. AdamITR

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    Upstate NY
    I picked up a set of nice Klipsch KG 4.5's. I have a few questions:

    1. There is some paint missing on the top and on a few spots on the sides. What can I do? Wax pen?

    2. I have a few receivers, I was looking for a recommendation of what to use ... best match?

    - Luxman R-117
    - Qinpu - A-6000 MKII - Tube Integrated
    - Onkyo 8050 Network Receiver
    - Sony STR-GX6ES
    - Marantz 1060 (needs some service)

    I use a Mac Mini/Firestone Dac as my source.


  2. 18Hertz

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    City of Angels
    Hey Adam,

    I'm actually looking into the Qinpu - A-6000 mkii, right now. Did you ever try it with those big Klipsch's? Are you using it now in any capacity? Thoughts compared to other receiver/amps you have?

    I have an old pair of B&O Beovox S75's... http://www.beoworld.org/prod_details.asp?pid=671

    I love them despite whatever flaws they have. Wondering if it'd be enough? I normally play moderate to loud (for an apt building) of every music genre. Typically heavier electronic, hard rock, reggae, etc. Lots of jazz, blues & some classical if that helps. Vinyl & digital from a new budget 100w or so Yamaha 5.1 receiver . I know I need a better amp for these and future speakers.

    Any info is appreciated. Hope all is well.

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