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Klipsch La Scala’s

Discussion in 'The Klipsch Korner' started by Mrvintage, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Mrvintage

    Mrvintage Member

    Parry Sound Ontario Canada
    i have a chance to buy a pair of klipsch La Scala’s is there anything I should be aware of before I pull the trigger. What price should I be looking for. Do the older ones need much to keep them sounding good (ie) updates.


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  2. Lo-Fidelity

    Lo-Fidelity AK Subscriber Subscriber

    There are a number of upgrades available but haven’t felt the need to do any to mine.

    I think mine were abused club speakers and I did have to re-glue the woofer spider. All good since then.
  3. thevinoman

    thevinoman Nothin' but the Blues... Subscriber

    NW Indiana
    Highly dependent on condition and finish. Anywhere between 700 to 1500 USD. Certainly should update the crossovers if original. Check the functionality of the tweeters to make sure they are still good.
  4. twiiii

    twiiii Addicted Member

    west Texas
    Make sure all the drivers are working and none of the caps leaking.
  5. wdecho

    wdecho New Member

    Price depends on condition. Great speakers but lacking the lower bass. Not a big deal, at least not for me for over 20 years before I built a subwoofer. Appearance would be my main consideration. None of the drivers are that expensive to replace. Age is also a factor to consider for a price. If relatively new you can expect to pay anywhere between $2000 to $3000 for a pair. Those made in the 80's & 90's generally go for $1500 or less. Condition, condition, condition.
  6. ducati_EL34

    ducati_EL34 Super Member


    I recapped my crossovers and removed the diode protection, since my amps are all vacuum valve powered.

    I also had to replace the voice coils for the tweeters. Mine are 1976 vintage and I got them for $250.


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  7. KlipschFan61

    KlipschFan61 Smooth Jazzer

    Manchester, NH
    Love them Mine are '78 vintage I did the full Bob Crites uptop upgrade. I like the A/4500 networks more laid back sound. With a KT88 single ended Chi-fi Gemtune, I can punch out the best bass from the old 90's CD's or enjoy the delicate sounds of Acoustic Alchemy. Anyone that thinks the original La Scala is somehow flawed in its presentation needs to come on down and listen.
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  8. usedto

    usedto Lunatic Member

    Central Moonbeamia
    I drug my feet on a pair with one blown tweeter for $350 and lost them.
  9. Blasty

    Blasty Solder Ninja

    For what it's worth,

    I paid $895 for my pair of 1978 LS-BLs. I saw the backs of them in the window of an audio shop that came and went briefly near my house, while driving by, and had to stop in to check them out... They were well taken care of, all original and just a few very tiny chips in the edges that one must be up close to see. They were definitely never abused.

    They sounded great as-is, but new capacitors in the crossovers improved the high end noticeably. If ordering from Crites, you may as well grab a set of midrange horn gaskets at the same time. They are dirt cheap and could use refreshing if you get speakers as old as mine.

    I did hear light voice coil rubbing from one speaker's woofer a few weeks after taking posession of them. This can happen due to the effect of gravity after almost 40 years. At this point, I opened up the bottom panel of both speakers and rotated the woofers 180 degrees to correct the issue. Three years later they are still problem-free.

    Some people find the La Scala to be "bright," and they can be, not that it is necessarily a bad thing. There is an easily reversable modification to the crossover, where the autotransformer (T2A) tap is moved down one position and a 16-ohm resistor added across the midrange. This drops the midrange by 3dB so that it is less bright, and as a result can give the illusion of a little more bass response. I swapped back and forth with mine and decided that I liked this. I would imagine that in a larger room more suited to speakers of this size, it may not be necessary. Up to you to find out :).
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